Client Success: Proven Methods for Winning, Keeping, and Delighting Your Clients

If you’ve been wondering how to win, delight and keep your clients now’s your chance to hear from experts in the industry!

Now available on-demand.

Watch this insightful webinar, “Client Success: Proven Methods of Winning, Keeping, and Delighting Clients”, where we share proven methods to keep your clients happy and your business thriving with Clio product specialist Keith Bermingham, Rob Hanna from the Legally Speaking Podcast and Ashley Robinson from Green Cardigan Marketing to learn more.

The discussion includes:

  • Strategies for attracting new clients and standing out in a competitive market
  • Effective client retention techniques to build long-term relationships
  • Delighting clients through exceptional service and personalised experiences

…and more!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your client success!

Now available on-demand.

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Ashley Robinson

CEO & Founder

Green Cardigan Marketing

Ashley Robinson is the founder and CEO of Green Cardigan Marketing, a digital marketing agency that focuses on helping law firm’s grow and achieve their financial goals through marketing strategies. Since its inception, Green Cardigan Marketing has been hyper focused on helping law firm owners achieve their goals all while providing out of this world customer service. To date, Ashley and her team have helped 225+ law firms grow beyond the 3 million dollar mark!

Rob Hanna

Legally Speaking Podcast Host

Legally Speaking Podcast

Robert is a leading figure in global legal talent solutions and content creation. He’s renowned for guiding legal professionals in achieving their career aspirations across various international regions. As a prominent legal recruiter, Rob is recognised as a LinkedIn Top Voice and is influential in shaping digital recruitment strategies. He hosts the critically acclaimed Legally Speaking Podcast, powered by legal tech pioneer Clio, ranking in the top 1% of global podcasts and integrating innovative Web3 technologies. Rob’s entrepreneurial expertise extends beyond podcasting; he advises Recruitment & Legal Tech startups and contributes to best-selling legal texts.

Keith Bermingham

Product Expert


Keith is a Senior Account Executive at Clio and is passionate about empowering law firms to harness the full potential of technology.