Turn Billing Week Stress into Collection Success

Learn how firms like yours are turning stress into collection success by using features already in your account to handle time-consuming billing tasks.

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A few easy changes to your billing process that give you more time back in your day.

Many legal professionals feel the pressure of pre-billing and sharing bills with clients every month. Not to mention, collecting every Pound or Euro earned.

What if we told you that with just a few small adjustments to your Clio billing process, you can get more time back and collect more, sooner? The best part is; billing is already included in your Clio Manage account.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can delegate more of your billing tasks to Clio and use the power of automation to:

  • Get bills out sooner, without losing that personal touch
  • Collect more by making payments convenient for clients
  • Speed up accounting in the process

Webinar available on-demand.

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Regina O'Shaughnessy

Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMEA


Regina O’Shaughnessy is an experienced product marketing professional who thrives on spearheading product marketing initiatives that enable a wide range of professionals to find product solutions that can transform how their businesses operate.

Additionally, as a former small business owner herself, Regina understands the complexities of running a business. Throughout her work with Clio, she utilises that knowledge and experience to help lawyers and other legal professionals master their time and firm operations, ensuring they have the time to do what they do best: practice law and serve clients.

Regina has over 10 years of experience in marketing across legaltech, banking, finance, aviation, and fintech industries, experience working throughout Ireland and Australia, and holds a Masters in Digital Marketing & Analytics.