Key Insights from the 2023 Legal Trends Report

Apply learnings from the latest Legal Trends Report at your firm.

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Looking to learn about the latest trends in legal technology? 

Take a deep-dive into the 2023 Legal Trends Report where we discuss what the data in this year’s report means, and how you can use it to set your firm up for success. 

Sarah Murphy, General Manager – EMEA shares the biggest takeaways from Clio’s research, including:

  • How legal professionals are optimising financial performance, improving cash flow and ensuring timely payments.
  • What legal technology solutions firms are using to have an enormous impact on firm revenues
  • How legal professionals are perceiving and embracing AI and other technological advancements.

Webinar available on-demand

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Sarah Murphy Headshot
Sarah Murphy

General Manager, EMEA


Sarah Murphy serves as the General Manager of EMEA at Clio, the global leader in legal technology. With a strong emphasis on innovation, she guides and motivates her teams, ensuring Clio remains at the forefront of transforming the legal experience across the UK, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Sarah’s extensive career spans diverse industries, including finance, insurance, telecommunications, and legal technology. This broad expertise allows her to empower legal professionals of all backgrounds to navigate the challenges of running a successful law firm. She is driven by her passion for building and scaling teams that thrive in a high growth environment. Sarah’s commitment to innovation is matched by her focus on customer success, and determination to explore new markets where Clio can have a significant impact.

Sarah leads Clio’s expansion across EMEA, unlocking untapped opportunities and driving the company’s success. Under her leadership, Clio continues to redefine the legal experience, setting new standards of excellence and driving innovation across the region.