Watch How Family Law Firms Use Clio

See how Clio’s cloud-based legal software helps family lawyers like you streamline work so you can focus on what matters most—being there for your clients.

Now available to watch on demand. 

Family law software

If you’re wondering how your family law firm can benefit from using Clio, our free webinar will let you see it in action.

Join Patrick Keeney, product specialist at Clio, as he explains how Clio can help your firm to:

  • Deliver an exceptional client experience with simple tools for onboarding, messaging, and collaboration
  • Remove unnecessary administrative work and hit billable hour targets by centralising matters, leveraging document search capability, and automating your workflows
  • Record time with ease and get paid faster and more consistently with powerful billing features

The video features, Melanie Bataillard-Samuel, Family Law Solicitor, Founder of MBS Family Law, Co-Chair of Resolution’s Innovation Group, and Chair of Resolution’s Wellbeing Committee.

Duration: 30 Minutes


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Patrick Keeney

Practice Management Consultant, Small Firms


Patrick Keeney is a Practice Management Consultant with Clio. Coming from a background in software sales and recruitment, he joined Clio in late 2021.

Although he works closely with a wide range of law firms in a variety of practice areas, Patrick has a special interest in Clio’s Legal Aid functionality and has now worked with numerous legal aid firms that have implemented Clio to improve their legal aid case management and billing processes.

Patrick is passionate about educating lawyers on using technology to improve their lives, practices and ultimately the lives of the clients they serve.