Watch How Mid-Sized Law Firms Use Clio

Watch how mid-sized law firms use Clio’s leading cloud-based legal software to streamline processes, improve workflows, and become more profitable.

Webinar available on-demand 

If you’re wondering how medium to large-sized law firms are using Clio to run efficient firms, here is your chance to learn.  

Watch Rob Hanlon, Sales Manager at Clio showcase how Clio can help your firm to:

  • Optimise day-to-day matter management while improving client experience
  • Centralise where your team collaborates while customising an overall solution for your firm
  • Enable all staff members to track time with ease so your firm can get paid faster with Clio’s billing and payment features
  • Have an overarching view of productivity, revenue, and profitability

Webinar available on-demand 

Duration: 30 Minutes


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Rob Hanlon

Sales Manager, EMEA


Rob Hanlon is Clio’s Sales Manager for EMEA. What led Rob to Clio was the marriage of an early career in professional services to almost a decade in technology sales. He is passionate about disrupting a traditional industry with positive change that benefits customers and society alike.