The 2016 Legal Trends Report

Discover essential insights in the 2016 Legal Trends Report. Uncover a wealth of in-depth analysis on the legal industry.
2016 Legal Trends Report

What’s in the report?

In the 4,000-year history of the legal profession, unbiased information sharing has never been the norm. Instead, insights have remained siloed in large institutions—or traded anecdotally among groups at networking events.

It’s been near impossible to answer questions like: “Where should I open my law firm?” “How much should a lawyer charge?” and “Am I using my time properly?”

Until now.

Drawing on actual usage data from over 40,000 attorneys across the U.S., Clio has launched the first legal benchmarking report that outlines key industry metrics for billing rates, hours billed, fee structures, and more—with detailed analyses for specific states, practice areas, and seasonality.

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The Legal Trends Report provides information on the most important issues faced within the legal profession. By analyzing aggregated and anonymized data from tens of thousands of legal professionals in the US, supported by extensive survey research, the report offers unique insights into law firm efficiencies, hourly rates, and other key metrics for success.