2020 Legal Trends Report

Get access to the legal industry’s most in-depth analysis of the state of legal practice. You’ll learn what successful firms are doing to overcome the challenges of the pandemic, and how the move to a digital era of legal has changed consumer expectations.

This year’s report also includes a MaxDiff analysis to identify what priorities are most important for lawyers and their clients.

New this year

A marginal gain analysis

Learn what firms are doing—and what tools they’re using—to make small improvements that yield meaningful gains over time.

An examination of client desires

Where do clients find a lawyer and what are they looking for in working with one? We asked over a thousand consumers to find out.

Redefining success

We examined the firm performance of tens of thousands of legal professionals and asked over 1,000 lawyers what’s most important to them as we redefine success in a cloud-first era.

Updated data on firm KPIs and hourly rates

We’ve updated data on core business insights and hourly rates across distinct geographies and practice areas to better inform your legal practice.

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The Legal Trends Report provides information on the most important issues faced within the legal profession. By analyzing aggregated and anonymized data from tens of thousands of legal professionals in the US, supported by extensive survey research, the report offers unique insights into law firm efficiencies, hourly rates, and other key metrics for success.