How to Convince Firm Partners to Upgrade Legal Software

Ready to say “good riddance” to your firm's aging software but struggling to get the buy-in from the partners? Download this template to put together a bulletproof business case on how a cloud-based legal software program will make the firm more efficient, secure, and future-ready.
Illustration of a person opening a door for another person with a doc template in the doorway

Show law firm partners the value of cloud-based legal software

Whether you’re an associate, paralegal, or tech-savvy team member, this template is your tool to drive meaningful technology change at your firm. 

  • Customise to your firm’s unique needs: Replace placeholders effortlessly to tailor the proposal to your firm’s specifics.
  • Craft a personalised pitch: Address outdated system risks, compliance challenges, and the quantifiable returns of cloud-based software adoption to frame a narrative that gets your boss’ attention.
  • Strategically position your firm for future growth: Empower your proposal with real-world data on efficiency gains, client satisfaction, and revenue streams. 
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