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If you’re searching for conveyancing software that makes life easier for both conveyancers and their clients, Clio’s case management software has the solution.

Automate and cut down on admin time when it comes to client intake and onboarding. Track and manage property surveys (or any other key documents) in an easily accessible, cloud-based portal and execute Land Registry Searches with ease via our Infotrack integration. Once you’re ready to be paid, Clio makes it easy to send detailed invoices and get paid. 

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Conveyancing matter management that works for UK conveyancers

Clio’s leading conveyancing software makes every aspect of conveyancing easier.

  • Store and stay on top of matter details

    Store key case and matter files in a single portal. Manage your cases with ease and always stay one step ahead of your clients’ latest conveyancing requirements. Complete file opening in minutes and ensure AML/Compliance checks are completed.

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  • Access your documents anywhere

    Securely store all your legal files in one location for quick reference. Access these files 24/7, no matter where you are in the moment (in the office, on the road, or with a client).

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  • Issue invoices and other routine documents easily easily

    Create beautiful, customisable invoices in seconds. Quickly create professional, easy-to-read financial statements branded with your firm’s logo.

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  • Integrate with your preferred accountancy software

    Clio integrates with the most popular accounting software used by conveyancing firms—QuickBooks, Xero, Klyant, and the Cashroom.

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  • Enjoy unbeatable integrations

    Connect your tech stack to create an end-to-end conveyancing software ecosystem. With 90+ integrations, including DropBox, Box, Microsoft 365, and InfoTrack, Clio has you sorted.

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Attract, onboard, and retain more conveyancing clients

Save time and increase client retention using Clio Manage, Clio's case management software, together with Clio’s client relationship management solution, Clio Grow (available as part of Clio Suite).

  • Customise and digitise your intake forms

    Tailor online client intake forms to different conveyancing client types and give them the option of completing the intake process from the comfort of the office, their home, or anywhere else with online intake—available as part of Clio's CRM solution Clio Grow.

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  • Send and receive regular updates

    Provide periodic updates and securely send and receive sensitive documents within your conveyancing software. Allow clients and key case contacts to check for updates thanks to Clio’s secure online portal.

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  • Automate your communication

    Use Clio Grow, Clio’s client relationship management solution, available as part of Clio Suite, to send out automated, personalised messages to all new clients outlining what they can expect from the conveyancing process and explaining key timelines and details.

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  • Know where clients are coming from

    When you use Clio’s CRM Clio Grow together with Clio Manage as your conveyancing software, you gain access to a marketing campaign tracker that shows you exactly what advertising avenues are netting you the best clients.

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Conveyancing Software FAQs

What are the benefits of conveyancing software for conveyancing professionals?

Conveyancing software helps conveyancing professionals get organised, hit deadlines, and achieve successful outcomes for their clients.

The best conveyancing case management software makes conveyancing matter management and document management a breeze. That’s what Clio offers. Conveyancing professionals can store all critical information in one easy-to-use, cloud-based, online conveyancing matter system. This can be accessed at any time, anywhere and can help you to manage clients’ information, documents from local authority searches, and contracts more easily and efficiently. 

Conveyancing case management software (also known as conveyancing software and conveyancing practice management software) also integrates directly with online conveyancing solicitors’ tools. Create automated, end-to-end workflows and spend less time switching back and forth from tool to tool. Integrate with your calendar and never again miss a deadline, such as a deadline to pay a client’s stamp duty land tax (SDLT).

Put simply, all conveyancing professionals—whether traditional firms or online conveyancing solicitors—can benefit from the productivity, performance, and profitability benefits provided by conveyancing software.   

How do I choose the best conveyancing case management software?

Conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors can identify the best conveyancing case management software for them by identifying what their firm’s needs are—and what the biggest challenges are. This might be conducting conveyancing property searches, reviewing the seller’s documents, or exchanging contracts. 

This list of pain points will outline the capabilities that conveyancing lawyers need—which is the perfect starting point when considering new software.

But features alone aren’t the be-all and end-all. Top conveyancing firms and conveyancing solicitors understand that they will have an ongoing relationship with their conveyancing matter management software provider. This means that they need to choose a provider who has fantastic customer service 24/5—and who won’t stop trying to make their lives easier.

In other words, a provider like Clio. 

How does conveyancing legal software help with conveyancing matter management?

Using a world-leading legal software, like Clio, for conveyancing matter management makes it easy for conveyancing solicitors and other conveyancing professionals to stay on top of outstanding tasks, upcoming deadlines, and achieve successful outcomes for their clients.

This is especially valuable when you consider how complex the conveyancing process is.

When you consider how many matter types conveyancing professionals have to deal with—Sale, Purchase, Remortgage, Buy to Let, Right to Buy, Transfer, Landlord and Tenant, among others—the need for a central, intuitive conveyancing matter management software becomes clear.

It’s not easy staying on top of all these different matter types—unless you use a trusted conveyancing legal software solution, like Clio’s. 

Use it to store all key documents relating to a particular matter in an easily accessible cloud-based portal. Whether you’re looking for a TA6 or fittings and content form or any other necessary form related to a matter, you’ll know where to find them. Log in at any time and from anywhere. You might be out of the office, but using legal software for your conveyancing matter management, you’ll always be in the know. 

Does Clio support fixed-fee conveyancing solicitors?

Clio’s legal software supports fixed-fee billing, including for conveyancers. Dive into the activity categories in Clio Manage to set standard flat fees for the different services you offer, such as conducting local searches, reviewing survey reports, and drafting up contracts.

Make fixed-fee billing a breeze with Clio’s case management software.

Is Clio's law software built specifically for my practice area?

While Clio Manage and Clio Grow weren’t specifically built for conveyancing, they can certainly help conveyancers improve how they operate. 

Clio’s conveyancing practice management software allows both traditional and online conveyancing solicitors to do more in less time. With Clio Grow, client onboarding is reduced to a single step. All communication, key documents, and upcoming deadlines are stored in an always-accessible portal. 

Better still, Clio’s conveyancing software integrates fully with leading tools. Automatically connect it up to InfoTrack, Microsoft 365, Xero Quickbooks, and more. 

Create a single source of truth for all your conveyancing operations. Eliminate inefficiency and guesswork. Deliver the service that your clients want—and build your dream firm. 

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