As employment law software, we understand our job—helping you do yours.

The practice management software up for any task.

Employment law software needs to be like employment lawyers themselves: tenacious, flexible, and accessible. With centralised, cloud-based case management, robust document generation, and time tracking and billing, you’ll be able to stay laser-focused on helping your clients.

Clio’s leading employment law software includes:

Matter Management
Get rid of filing cabinets, clutter, and missing files when case and matter files are stored in a centralised, online environment.
Document Management
Securely store your legal files all in one location for quick reference.
Create beautiful, customisable invoices in seconds.
Keep track of your whole firm’s schedule so nothing falls through the cracks.
Client Accounting
Our trust request invoices are easy to create and track—keeping your firm compliant.
Clio employment law

Many moving pieces, one concentrated Clio.

Streamline your processes by letting Clio handle the ins and outs of running your practice.

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