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Wills and probate firms are booming—and you need a software solution that will keep up. With integrated calendaring, time tracking and invoicing, online payments, and cloud-based document and matter management from wherever you are, Clio’s  legal case management software will make life more enjoyable for both you and your clients.

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Clio features for wills and probate law

  • Matter Management

    Wills and probate solicitors can store all matter files in one centralised, online environment. No longer will they have to waste time digging around disparate documents.

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  • Document Management

    Document management is an ongoing battle for firms that provide will and probate services. With Clio, you can bring all documents together in a single source of truth.

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  • Billing

    Whether you’re a fixed fee probate solicitor or you operate on an hourly rate, billing is always a key concern. That’s why Clio allows wills and probate solicitors to create beautiful, customisable invoices in seconds.

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  • Calendar

    Keep track of your whole wills and estate law firm’s schedule so nothing falls through the cracks.

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  • Time Recording

    Clio’s time recording feature tracks the time probate solicitors spend on any task and automatically associates it to a client's matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Clio’s legal case management software work for wills and probate solicitors?

If you’re a probate solicitor offering will and probate services, Clio’s case management software is the perfect tool for all your needs.

By automating your document production processes, you’ll be able to spend more of your precious time providing face-to-face legal advice. This is especially valuable when dealing with elderly or vulnerable clients. 

Integrate with your existing solutions (such as Arken’s will writing software for professionals) to unlock greater accuracy and efficiency. Avoid costly mistakes while speeding up the time it takes to produce key documents. 

Wills and probate can be sensitive, and often emotional, subjects. When handling wills and probate law, the last thing you (or your clients) want are payment disputes. Clio helps probate solicitors avoid awkward payment conversations by streamlining their billing and payment processes. 

Does Clio help probate solicitors to complete legal and general will writing?

Clio integrates fully with Arken Profesional, the leading will writing software for wills and probate solicitors. Will and probate law firms can achieve the best of both worlds, creating a full-service tech stack that combines legal case management with legal and general will writing and probate software. 

Probate solicitors will benefit from Clio’s case management features to manage their client relationships and stay on top of all outstanding work. They can then import these details into their chosen will writing software, making document production quicker, easier, and more accurate. 

Probate solicitors can wave goodbye to re-entering important information again and again. No longer will they have to enter their clients’ details into multiple systems. Instead, Clio will act as a single source of truth. It will automatically update all their clients’ data into Arken without probate solicitors having to lift a finger. 

Is wills and probate case management software only for probate lawyers?

Wills and probate case management software can benefit anyone involved in providing will and probate services, whether they are probate solicitors or back-office administrative staff. 

Probate solicitors can automate key workflows, speeding up document production (such as legal and general will writing) while minimising errors. They can spend more time on valuable client-facing advisory services and less time on low-value tasks. 

Meanwhile, support staff can speed up client intake, manage their colleagues’ cases, and keep an eye on their calendar from one single source of truth. 

Leveraging legal software designed for will and probate lawyers will even transform the way that will and probate firms bill, and get paid for, their services. 

Clio’s will and estate legal case management software will transform every aspect of your firm—just see for yourself. 

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