Criminal law software so good, it's almost criminal.

As a criminal defense lawyer, your time is precious. Focus your razor-sharp wit on protecting your clients and winning cases—not on keeping track of files, court dates, and administrative tasks. You need a practice management solution that is as agile and quick as you are. Clio focuses on the business side of running your firm, so you can spend more time doing what you do best—defending your clients and being an outstanding criminal lawyer.

Clio criminal law

Swift, secure, and agile.

Clio is the only legal practice management software that not only compliments the agility required to succeed in criminal law, but also improves a lawyer’s ability to run their practice from a single application.


Master Mobility
Whether working from the courthouse, office, or at home, never miss a case detail or billable moment with Clio’s Mobile App (iOS/Android).
Eliminate Errors
Streamline your discovery process—take your evidence into the cloud. With infinite storage and bank-grade security, Clio supports any file type—eliminating paper files, costly overheads, and securing client data.
Clio criminal law


Criminal law one pager
Justice is served

The distinction between being a good criminal lawyer and a superb one doesn’t lie in the cases you take on, but in how you can manage them. Clio is the difference maker.


Customer success stories

Thousands of criminal lawyers are finding success with Clio.

Robert Guest

Robert Guest

Robert Guest, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Guest & Gray Criminal Defense Lawyers, Dallas, TX.


Clio customer

Damon D. Colbert

Damon D. Colbert, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Law Office of Damon D. Colbert, Alexandria and Arlington, VA.



Clio's greatest strength is its flexibility. I don’t just mean that it’s adaptable to a law firm’s own way of working (although it is), but rather that just about every aspect of Clio is flexible. From ease of use, functionality and adaptability, to multi-platform availability, access-from-anywhere cloud technology, and smartphone apps, with client access thrown in for good measure, Clio is a highly flexible and secure solution for law firms.

Stephen Pearne
Stephen Pearne
Pearne & Co

When I initially found Clio I was talking to a number of other providers but the prices being quoted were huge and there was no other cloud-based practice management software that even came close to Clio. I tried other systems but they’re just so complicated to use, I’d need to provide a full training session to any new staff but with Clio new hires’ can be up and running in 5 minutes.

Toby Harper
Toby Harper
Harper James Solicitors

Clio has become one of the pillars of our practice. It allows us to focus on what we want to do: representing our clients as best we can.

Brian Monaghan
Brian Monaghan
Monaghan Safar Ducham, PLLC

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