Criminal Law Software

As a criminal defence lawyer, ensuring your clients get the representation they deserve is paramount. Clio’s case management software allows you to focus your efforts on protecting your clients instead of keeping track of files, court dates, and administrative tasks.

Legal software designed for criminal defense lawyers

Clio’s criminal law software is designed to help busy criminal defence solicitors and barristers to work more efficiently. With the ability to automate documents, schedule meetings on the move, and to track all time and information needed for a case, criminal defence law firms can concentrate on their clients.

Clio is also proud to support criminal defence lawyers in the UK serving legal aid clients. Our legal aid case management software supports management and invoicing of criminal controlled legal aid matters.

Clio features for criminal law

Clio Manage Billing Legal Aid
  • Work from anywhere

    Whether working from the courthouse, office, or at home, never miss a case detail or billable moment with Clio’s Mobile App (iOS/Android).

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  • Reduce errors

    Take your evidence into the cloud. With infinite storage and bank-grade security, Clio supports any file type—removing the need to store paper files and reducing overhead, while securing client data.

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