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The Client-Centric Law Firm

A recent study identified three critical success factors that help law firms find and retain the most sought-after clients. Will your clients recommend your…

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Wills and Estates Law in the Digital Age

Estates lawyers need to learn the new issues surrounding digital assets and online communications. Are you documenting virtual assets? What are the wishes of…

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Money Matters for Law Firms

Money matters to law firms. From trust accounts to tax compliance, there’s more to running a law firm than issuing invoices and cashing checks.

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A Modern Approach for Government Legal Departments

Much has changed over the last decade with the introduction of software as a service (SaaS) technologies and the delivery flexibility they offer. Governmental…

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Law Firms in the Social Age

With billions of people paying attention, social media has become a popular means of communication, information gathering, and networking. New social media networks are…

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Agile For Law Firms

Since it was first published in 2001, the Agile methodology has radically changed how companies work. Agile has helped teams excel in rapidly changing…

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Security by Design for Law Firms: Protecting Client Data on the Internet

Are your cybersecurity practices leaving your law firm vulnerable?

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