Family Law Software

Being the best family law lawyer means balancing the emotional demands of clients, running a business, and growing your firm. Clio’s family law software facilitates your needs, saves time, and simplifies case development for you and your clients.

The perfect fit for your family law firm.

Clio handles all the basics with ease—matter and contact management, time tracking, calendaring, billing, and more. Along with specific functions that assist the detail and document intensive workflows of family law firms.

Clio features for family law

  • Capture every client detail

    Extensive custom fields allow for important information to be easily collected, curated, and applied to matters within Clio.

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  • Eliminate repetitive tasks

    Task lists, checklists, and templates simplify the repetitive collection, review, and organisation of required legal forms and documents.

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  • Onboard clients efficiently

    Automated client intake forms and integrations synced to Clio simplify onboarding and build a detail-oriented case in one paperless and cost-efficient step.

  • Stay on top of deadlines

    Avoid procedural issues and streamline potentially error-prone elements of a case.

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