Family Law Software

As a family law firm, you don’t have time to waste on family law software that slows you down. You’re busy enough providing clients with the expertise and emotional support they need at a trying time, while still trying to operate—and grow—your firm. 

That’s where Clio’s family law software can help. It reduces administrative hassle, saves time, and simplifies case development. Focus on your clients’ needs, not on back-office processes.

Family law software

The perfect fit for your family law firm

Whether you’re a family law solicitor, office manager, legal executive, or any other role, Clio handles everything a family law firm could need with ease: matter and contact management, time recording, calendaring, client communication, invoicing (including Legal Aid billing in England and Wales), and more.  

  • Collaborate more effectively with clients

    Provide updates as family law cases progress, or allow spouses/parents to check for updates themselves with our secure online portal, Clio for Clients.

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  • Eliminate repetitive tasks

    Use task lists and templates to simplify the process of collecting, reviewing, and organising your family law firm’s legal forms and documents. With Clio's template library—available to all Clio customers at no cost—you can utilise popular family law forms and documents, such as client care letters and client intake and onboarding forms, with ease.

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  • Onboard clients efficiently

    Enjoy effortless client onboarding with Clio Grow, Clio’s client relationship management (CRM) solution, thanks to our automated client intake forms and direct integrations. Build a detail-orientated case in one paperless, cost-efficient step.

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  • Never miss a deadline

    Control your schedule and never miss a submission deadline, court date, or key appointment with Clio’s legal calendaring and scheduling software (scheduling available as part of Clio Grow).

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  • Stay on top of legal aid requirements

    Manage and invoice legal aid matters more quickly, easily, and accurately with Clio’s legal aid case management feature (available in England and Wales). Our legal aid case management feature simplifies and streamlines legal aid family law work by expediting claims to the Legal Aid Agency.

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  • Integrate with the rest of your tech

    Clio connects with best-in-class solutions such as Outlook, Google Apps, BundleDocs, Box, and Dropbox. Create an end-to-end tech ecosystem designed around your family law firm’s specific needs.

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Family Law Software FAQs

What is family law software?

Family law software is software that makes case management and client relationship management easier. Clio’s family law software takes care of the basics, leaving family lawyers to care of their clients. 

With Clio Grow, Clio’s CRM solution, client onboarding is reduced down to a single step. Key information is collected once and then applied throughout document-intensive family law workflows. Firm management becomes a breeze. 

With Clio’s family law software, family law solicitors and others at the family law firm can better manage their time, their workload, and their clients.

What are the common features of family law software?

Best-in-class family law software provides four key features.

Cloud-based matter and document management mean that family lawyers can securely store critical files and access them on the go—whether they’re in court handling divorce proceedings or at their client’s home. 

With advanced calendaring capabilities, family law solicitors can always stay on top of their to-do list. Never again will they miss a key deadline or leave a client in the lurch. 

By integrating key tools (such as Outlook, Google Apps, BundleDocs, Box, and Dropbox), family law solicitors can create an interconnected tech ecosystem. Their family law software will serve as an all-in-one resource for all matrimonial, finance, and child law case documents, client communications, upcoming appointments, and so on. 

Finally, Clio’s family law software’s billing feature and client accounting integrations significantly reduce time spent creating and chasing client invoices. 

What are the benefits of family law software?

Family law software allows family law solicitors and other family law firm staff to do more with less effort, providing them with three main benefits: more time, less hassle, and fewer errors. 

Time is a precious commodity for family lawyers. That’s why Clio’s family law software streamlines workflows with automated forms, custom fields, and task lists. Family law solicitors can spend more time with their clients during emotionally challenging periods, such as custody battles, instead of on back-end administrative processes. 

It reduces administrative hassle by collecting and organising key client data in one easy-to-view place. It even makes it easier for family lawyers to bill clients and get paid. During difficult matrimonial, finance, and child law cases, administrative hassle is the last thing either party needs.

With more time and fewer administrative hurdles, family law solicitors can focus their energy on what’s important—their clients’ cases, leading to fewer errors or missed deadlines.

How do law firms choose a family law software?

Every family law firm has its own approach. Some might be tempted by a family law software free trial (which Clio offers), while others will carefully draw up a list of the precise features they want and how much they’re willing to spend.

Ultimately, family law firms need to first draw up a list of what they struggle with on a daily basis. This will outline the capabilities that they need—which is the perfect starting point when considering new software. 

But features alone aren’t the be-all and end-all. Top family law firms understand that they will have an ongoing relationship with their family law software provider. This means that they need to choose a provider who has fantastic customer service—and who won’t stop trying to make their lives easier.

In other words, a provider like Clio.

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