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Building Foundations that Scale

The team at Farha Legal discuss how a process-driven foundation can help you build a thriving firm.

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Meeting Client Needs with Legaltech

In this free How to Grow a Law Firm session, David Turney discusses how legaltech can lead to a better client experience.

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How to Build a Better Client Intake Process at your Law Firm

Client expectations and staff expectations have changed, which calls for a shift in the client intake process. Make sure your firm has adapted.

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The Making of a Law Firm: Lessons Learned from Year 1 of Running a Law Firm

Join us for a festive celebration, Lessons Learned from Year 1 of Running a Law Firm, where we will look back at how far…

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Time Management for a Better Work-Life Balance

Join this free session to gain tips on managing your calendar and workload to reduce stress and ensure a better work-life balance for everyone…

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Marketing and Personal Branding for Lawyers

Reputation is everything for lawyers—especially in a digital world. Discover how to find your unique personal brand at a free Clio event.

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The Business of Selling Your Services

Business development for lawyers: Learn how to treat your law firm like a business to sell more services at this free event.

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