In-house Legal Software

As an in-house lawyer, the work you do is essential to keep your organisation operating effectively and compliantly. You need to be able to rely on your chosen legal department software solutions.

Stay on top of your internal deadlines and your workplace metrics with in-house legal software that lets you concentrate on doing your best work. 

In-house legal software

In-house Legal Software That Works with You

Clio’s in-house legal software transforms the way that in-house lawyers and legal departments operate. Simplify your work processes and track your time and progress with Clio’s legal department management software.

  • Matter Management

    Assign tasks and deadlines to manage your in-house legal team’s workflow. Create and organise files for each contract, transaction, dispute, or litigation that your legal department manages. Track the status of each matter, and attach relevant documents, calendar events, messages, and tasks.

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  • Document Management

    There’s no need to send contracts and agreements by post anymore: With Clio, you get the functionality of contract management software for in-house counsel. Review, prepare, and send out documents for signature by email. Eliminate the hassle of downloading, printing, or scanning as signed documents get automatically and securely saved in Clio.

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  • Time & Productivity Analytics

    With Clio’s in-house legal software, you can easily record time throughout the workday. Gain at-a-glance visibility into where time is being spent and generate productivity reports in seconds.

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Be supported to do more

Collaborate easily and securely across internal and external teams.

  • Secure Collaboration

    Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders easily and securely with Clio for Clients, the secure, bank-grade encryption portal that in-house lawyers trust. Clio also assists organisations to operate in accordance with GDPR legislation.

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  • Integrations

    In-house counsel can benefit from best-in-class integrations with Outlook, Google Apps, Box, and Dropbox, among others.

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  • Support & Training

    Feel supported to do your best work with Clio’s award-winning customer service. With 24/5 phone and email support, as well as quick-start videos and other resources, Clio supports in-house legal teams every step of the way.

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In-house legal software FAQs

How does in-house legal software benefit legal teams and organisations overall?

In-house legal software (also referred to as legal department management software or in house counsel software), makes in-house solicitors and other legal team professionals more efficient, more accurate, and helps them demonstrate internal return on investment. 

With in-house legal software, in-house lawyers don’t have to worry about data security: it allows them to securely store all critical documents in one single cloud-based portal. These documents can be accessed at any time or any place—which is perfect for global teams looking to collaborate with one another. 

Legal department software solutions can also make matter management a breeze. Legal department team managers can monitor their team’s workload, assign tasks, view all upcoming deadlines, and maximise their value to the business. 

Managers can also view the team’s productivity, drilling down into who’s spending how long on which task. This will unearth areas for improvement and will provide a benchmark by which to assess employees’ performance (and growth). 

Put simply, in-house counsel software makes it easier for in-house lawyers to complete their work, prove their worth, and optimise return on investment. 

What are some of Clio’s legal department software solutions?

Clio’s case management software quickly adds value to every in-house legal process, providing legal department software solutions that work for the entire team.

Using Clio as a legal department management software, you’ll gain unparalleled matter management capabilities. Ensure that no task is ever forgotten and no key deadline missed. 

Safely store crucial documents in a centralised cloud-based portal that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. Collaborate with one another via the Clio mobile app and Clio for Clients, bank-grade encryption portals. 

No longer will in-house legal teams have to prove their worth or explain what they’ve been up to. With Clio’s time and productivity dashboards, managers can instantly generate detailed reports outlining what they’ve been working on and how much time it has taken.

Why do I need in-house legal software?

In-house legal departments might have different areas of focus, but they all want three things: to increase their efficiency, maximise the value they bring to the business, and make the most out of the resources at their disposal. 

That’s where Clio can help. In addition to acting as a contract management software for in-house counsel, it also makes work more collaborative. 

In-house legal teams can all work from one single, cloud-based source of truth. They can assign tasks, set up deadlines, and collaborate with one another via a secure portal.

Clio’s in-house legal software also includes time recording, making it easier for them to identify potential time and efficiency savings.

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