In-House Counsel

Your internal clients rely on you to assist on many different kinds of legal issues. Stay on top of every request and deadline—and increase the value you provide to your organization—with Clio’s in-house counsel legal software.

Features of Clio’s In-house Counsel Software

Improve your department’s productivity. Organize your cases, automate and share documents easily, and work more efficiently with Clio’s software.

  • Get case details in one place

    Create and organize files for each contract, transaction, dispute, or litigation that your legal team manages. Track the status of each matter, and attach relevant documents, calendar events, messages, and tasks.

    Case Management
  • Track your tasks—and your time

    See all tasks associated with a case, organized by due date. Quickly identify the next task to be done, and see which tasks are overdue. You can also add time entries directly from a legal task, and see which tasks are missing a time entry.

    Task Management
  • Revise and collaborate on documents better than before

    Get the document you need instantly by searching for keywords within its title, metadata, or text contents. Filter and sort documents by customized categories, folders, authors, and dates.

    Document Management
  • Cut costs and operate more efficiently

    Add time estimates to tasks so you can forecast the amount of work needed for a legal matter. Track estimates against actual time worked to better predict legal budgets for your organization.

Make collaborating across teams easier than before

Get more done—on your own, with your team, and across your organization—with Clio’s legal software for in-house counsel.

  • Manage internal legal requests effectively

    Intake new requests with ease. Provide clear status updates to other departments and teams—while working with them on cases and documents.

  • Collaborate with outside counsel more effectively

    Use Clio’s secure client portal, Clio Connect, to track the time outside counsel is spending on your matters against targets. Send messages and transfer documents through the portal for easy collaboration.

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  • Measure your team’s productivity

    Demonstrate value to your organization with progress and productivity reports. Find areas for improvement by tracking your legal department’s activity and productivity across different types of projects.

  • Stay on top of document management

    Share documents or notes with outside counsel easily through a secure portal or with software such as DocuSign. See version history and a comment thread for each document stored in our software.

How to choose an In-house Counsel Software

Busy lawyers looking to streamline their processes may come to realize that choosing an in-house counsel management software is a job in itself. The choice you make will directly affect both the way you operate and your organization’s bottom line. 

Here are just some of the features Clio has that you should be looking for when it comes to case and contract management software for in-house counsel:


  • A central database accessed through a simple dashboard
  • Remote working functionalities
  • A wide range of integrations to work with your existing tech stack
  • Document and data management
  • A secure client portal
  • Automated client intake

Frequently Asked Questions

What is In-house Counsel software?

In-house counsel software such as Clio Manage and Clio Grow are built to act as an assistant for busy attorneys. Clio Manage is perfect for case, task, and document management, billing and accounting, as well as calendaring and time tracking. Clio Grow assists with client intake and relationship management.

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Is Clio's law software built specifically for in-house counsels?

Although Clio Manage and Clio Grow may not be built specifically for in-house counsels, lawyers like yourself have much to benefit from using legal practice management software like Clio. This is because with Clio, you can accomplish more—from one central place.

Not only will you be able to communicate effectively with internal clients from anywhere, Clio can also help keep your cases and documents organized. With Clio, you can cut costs and operate more efficiently, take the guesswork out of business decisions, and deliver the service your internal clients want.

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How to use In-house Counsel software

In-house counsel software such as Clio is designed with the user in mind. Get anywhere you need to go from our central dashboard or see a snapshot of recent activity. If you’re having any issues with using the software, you can contact our award-winning customer support team—by phone, email, or live chat—24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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