The Complete Guide to Clio Grow: 10 Essential Steps

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Understanding Clio Grow

In legal, valuable business is built on relationships—not spreadsheets.

62% of consumers look for recommendations from friends and family when hiring a lawyer, so creating a good client experience can create repeat business, referrals, and a great reputation—and in turn, growth for your law firm. But as most lawyers know, finding new clients and creating a great client experience is still a challenge for many law firms.

Clio Grow is industry-leading client intake software that opens doors and windows when it comes to finding new clients and ensuring they have a best-in-class experience.

Read on to learn about client vetting, retention, and onboarding with Clio Grow.

1. It’s easy to track how each potential client progresses

With Clio Grow, no exchange falls through the cracks. Within your Matter Pipeline, you can easily set up custom statuses that align with your firm’s onboarding process to keep everything organised. Then, you can drag and drop potential clients into different status columns, and easily view how everyone is progressing.

Create both firm-wide views and personal views tailored to your needs.

2. You can automate intake, engagement agreements, and more

If you’re still crafting individual follow-up emails, manually entering information at the client intake stage, and typing up engagement agreements, you’re spending too much time on client intake!

Clio Grow helps you automate these processes with email templates, email scheduling, customised intake forms, and more, so you can focus on building meaningful relationships with your clients.

3. There’s a Quick Intake button for ultra-fast intake and appointments

With Clio Grow’s intuitive Quick Intake button, it’s incredibly fast and simple to add a new potential client to your database: Enter a name, choose an intake form template, and choose whether to fill out the form yourself or send it to your potential client for completion.

The Quick Intake button also includes the option to create a Quick Appointment, so you can add a potential client to your records and book an appointment at the same time.

4. Advanced reporting gives you visibility into key business drivers

Where does most of your law firm’s business come from? If you don’t know what types of marketing, networking, or referrals bring in the most clients—and the most valuable clients—for your firm, you could be missing out on opportunities for growth.

Clio Grow includes an easy-to-use reporting and insights dashboard that makes it easy to see where potential clients are coming from, how often they become paying clients and the estimated value for your pipeline of potential clients. If you like, you can take a closer look at a specific timeline (if you want to look at the effectiveness of a short-term marketing campaign, for example), and easily view individual referral sources.

5. You can easily organise and filter contacts

In Clio Grow, tags are used to add extra information that you need to categorise, organise, or differentiate or group prospective clients. This can help you easily filter and keep track of prospective clients for different practice areas or focuses.

6. Clio Grow syncs seamlessly with Clio Manage

Don’t do data entry more than once. Clio Grow syncs matter and contact information directly to Clio Manage, the leading cloud-based practice management software for law firms, allowing you to streamline information capture right from your first interaction with a client. You’ll remove the risk of error and duplicate data entry, and create a better experience for your clients and your staff.

7. Accept payments from prospective clients

Removing payment barriers is integral to supporting clients and lawyers. Clio Scheduler is a powerful tool that allows law firms to seamlessly accept payment from prospective clients when they book their first appointment. This means new clients can quickly enter their credit card information without the headache of snail mail and your firm doesn’t waste a minute of time chasing payments.

“Clio Grow has helped save my practice. I’ve been a Clio Grow customer for over a year and the volume of leads my firm receives would be impossible to track without using Clio Grow. The system is very intuitive and easy to use: Having the ability to customise our pipeline enables our admin staff to track all cases coming in and out. Clio Grow has also helped us expand our team by having everything in one place, making our client and firm members’ onboarding a lot easier.”

– Lara Evans, Practice Manager, Ubique Legal

8. You can build a law firm website

Your website is often your chance to make a great first impression. And with Clio Grow’s law firm website builder, you can create a secure professional website in minutes. You can get your law firm online in three easy steps, no coding or design experience is required.

How does your law firm’s website stack up?

Use Clio’s law firm website scorecard to compare your website against the best of your peers.

Get the Scorecard

9. Clio Grow doesn’t just keep you organised—it helps grow your firm

With smart features like easy-to-set-up lead tracking and options to integrate intake forms, you’ll take the administrative work out of identifying and capturing more opportunities for your business, and watch it grow. The Clio Grow lead inbox allows you to sync forms embedded on your website directly or via a live chat tool to Clio Grow, so every new client is effortlessly included in your system.

“Clio Grow is my favourite part of Clio. With it, you can schedule consultations, you can see the value of the work, and that is all tracked and logged. Clio makes it really easy to streamline your pipeline so you can see what clients you have upcoming and when you need to do more marketing.”

– Stephanie Njoku, Owner, Neopercept

10. Your clients and your firm will have a better experience

According to the 2021 Legal Trends Report, the most sought-after trait in a lawyer is responsiveness to questions (86% among consumers), which should be the ultimate goal when making decisions about your law firm’s processes. Managing incoming clients in one organised system enables fast communication to help prospective clients get help in record time. 

With Clio Grow, both clients and law firm staff have a smoother experience right from the start: Online intake forms let clients going through stressful times provide information without coming into your office to fill out a form, while options like e-signatures allow clients to sign engagement agreements at any time, from anywhere.

In the age of the client-centred law firm, providing excellent client experiences from intake to invoice and payment has never been more important for the success of your law firm. With Clio Grow, you’ll be better positioned than ever to create happier clients, generate more referrals, and transform the practice of law, for good.

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