Clio’s 2024 Reisman Awards Applications are Now Open!

The Reisman Awards honor legal professionals who are redefining the industry

Applications are now open for the eighth annual Reisman Awards, hosted by Clio, aimed at recognizing legal professionals who have made a significant impact and played a pivotal role in redefining the legal industry.

The Reisman Awards, named in honor of Clio’s first customer, Catherine Merino Reisman, acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional achievements of Clio’s customers within the legal industry. Previous recipients of the Reisman Awards have achieved unprecedented growth, introduced innovative customer experiences, overcome industry challenges, and advocated for vulnerable individuals and organizations.

In line with its commitment to customers, Clio established the Reisman Awards in 2017 to formally recognize and express gratitude to its customers for their influential work. These awards also serve to spotlight the winners as exemplary role models for the broader legal profession. Clio takes immense pride in the accomplishments of past Reisman Award recipients, their meaningful contributions to their communities, and their efforts to shape the future of the legal field.

Clio’s vision for transforming the legal experience for all is embodied in these Awards. They have become a beacon of excellence, showcasing innovative practices that are revolutionizing the legal industry. By utilizing Clio’s platform, award recipients are not just recognized for their achievements but also contribute to shaping a more accessible and efficient legal system.

“The editors at our local bar journal saw that the Amara Legal Center received the Reisman Award and reached out for us to write an article about our services and our client population. The additional visibility is crucial as we try to reach more sex trafficking survivors in the DC metro area as well as recruit more pro bono attorneys for this work. Thanks to Clio and the Reisman Awards, we are able to get the word out!” – Caroline Ackerman, Amara Legal Center, 2023 Community Champion Reisman winner

The Reisman Awards comprise seven distinct categories, each highlighting law firms that have excelled in specific areas of practice. As in previous years, the 2023 Reisman Award winners represented the pinnacle of legal practice.

The 2024 applicable categories are as follows:

  • Best Growth Story
  • Excellent in Client Service
  • Legal Innovation
  • Community Champion
  • Best New Law Firm
  • Legal Impact Award
  • Diversity and Inclusion

The nomination process relies on submissions received from the legal community, and applicants are encouraged to put forth their own firm without hesitation or modesty.

Submissions are assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the award category
  • The firm’s unique story
  • Relevant supporting information and data 
  • How the firm leverages Clio to achieve its objectives

After the nomination period concludes, our panel of judges will carefully review each submission and compile a list of finalists for each category. The winners will be announced at the annual Clio Cloud Conference, taking place in Austin, Texas.

Reisman Award submissions open February 1st and close March 15th.

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