Clio Earns Trust Accounting Certification from the Law Society of New South Wales

The certification reinforces Clio’s credibility and commitment to compliance on the world’s largest legal operating system


Clio, the leading legal technology provider and developer of the world’s first comprehensive legal operating platform, announced it is now certified in trust accounting by the Law Society of New South Wales. This significant achievement reflects the company’s commitment to providing legal technology solutions that meet the highest industry standards. 

“Our certification by the Law Society of New South Wales is a significant milestone for us and a testament to the quality of our technology,” said Denise Farmer, General Manager, APAC at Clio. “Clio is committed to providing law firms with the right tools to do their work without compromise while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.”

The certification process includes a rigorous review of Clio’s software functionality, and confirms Clio meets the high standards set by the Law Society, including robust accounting practices and strict internal controls. It also demonstrates to potential clients that law firms utilising Clio prioritise security and compliance. 

“Law firms often prefer to work with certified software providers as it gives them confidence that their trust accounts will be managed effectively and in accordance with regulations,” continued Farmer. “In some cases, clients insist on working only with certified service providers. We are thrilled to be able to serve an even greater segment of the legal services market with this certification in place.”

This certification covers Clio’s flagship practice management software, Clio Manage, with significant benefits for legal practitioners and their clients. Firms can readily maintain compliance with the state’s trust accounting laws and regulations while also reducing the risk of errors that could have legal and financial consequences.

“By using certified software, legal professionals can reduce the risk of unintentional breaches of trust accounting regulations,” continued Farmer. “This helps to protect both their clients’ funds and the firm’s reputation.”

Canadian-based Clio expanded into Australia in January and is rapidly evolving its products to suit the specific needs of Australia’s legal sector. Along with multiple products available to legal practitioners to help them manage and grow their practice, the company has also established a regional data centre to support customers both in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Farmer said the company had entered the Australian market with a strong mission at hand: to provide law firms with a choice. Clio is seeking to change the legal technology game by making the transition from outdated technology and restrictive long-term contracts as easy and cost effective as possible.

Having achieved certification with the Law Society of New South Wales, Clio will continue to develop and enhance its industry-leading software. Clients can be confident that any changes to trust law or regulations will be reflected in appropriate changes to the software.

With more than 150,000 customers globally and the approval of more than 90 bar associations and law societies, Clio has earned a market leadership position and maintains the highest score in a comparison of 130 legal practice management products by reputable business software review site G2 for multiple consecutive years.

“We are already seeing a very positive market response and adoption rates in Australia,” said Farmer. “This new certification will help to increase this further in the months and years ahead.”

“We have a long-term commitment to supporting Australia’s legal sector. By working closely with law societies, regulators, partners, and our customers, we will continue to provide a solid, reliable platform that supports ongoing growth and first-rate levels of service.”