Clio and Fastcase to Launch Exclusive Integration of Cloud-Based Services for the Legal Sector

The Power of Cloud-Based Law Practice Management and Legal Research Now Available in One Integrated Platform

Day One of the 2014 Clio Cloud Conference opened with a significant announcement that stands to change the way today’s lawyers and law firms conduct and manage their legal research. Clio, the leading cloud-based legal practice management platform, and Fastcase, the leading next-generation legal research service, have entered into an exclusive integration partnership. Jack Newton, CEO and co-founder of Clio, made the announcement in his opening keynote at the Clio Cloud Conference in Chicago.

As part of the exclusive arrangement, Clio will be the only cloud-based practice management tool to offer an integration with Fastcase, and Fastcase will be the only online legal research tool available through Clio.

“With this exclusive integration, Clio and Fastcase have changed the game by making it easier for lawyers to control the price and organization of their legal research,” says Jack Newton, CEO at Clio. “Lawyers and legal professionals can now research case law without having to rack up huge bills for their clients or risking malpractice. With the Clio and Fastcase partnership, lawyers will finally have their matter, practice management, time tracking and legal research seamlessly integrated.”

Newton’s remarks were reinforced by Ed Walters, CEO at Fastcase: “Today, we’re announcing the integration of the best research and practice management tools in the business: Fastcase and Clio. In doing so, we are proof positive of the cloud rising to not only meet the needs of today’s lawyers, but stepping up to provide them with smarter, more efficient solutions that meet their own clients’ needs.”

This new exclusive partnership means legal professionals can track time spent researching without taking attention away from the task at hand. From inside Fastcase, lawyers can now select from clients and matters in Clio, start a timer for their research session, and record the activity automatically in Clio.

Lawyers can also save documents from Fastcase directly into matters in Clio, significantly increasing organization and reducing administrative costs of research.

In addition to the smarter research functionality already provided by Fastcase, this partnership means that lawyers will recover more billable time, reduce administrative expenses, create more accurate invoices, and run a smoother, more organized law practice. Fastcase was awarded the American Association of Law Libraries prestigious New Product of the Year award in 2014, and for the second straight year, Fastcase was the most popular mobile app for lawyers, according to the ABA.

“The Clio and Fastcase integration is a game-changer. Lawyers will be better able to organize and link their research to matters, and will have vastly improved abilities to track the time they are investing in legal research,” says Erik Mazzone, Director of the Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association.

This new integration is being demonstrated by Clio and Fastcase at the Clio Cloud Conference, being held September 22 and 23 in Chicago. The conference has assembled hundreds of forward-thinking legal professionals to further explore the importance of technology in law practice and the broader future of law. Information on the conference can be found at