Clio and Lawdingo Announce Integration

Themis Solutions Inc. and Lawdingo Partner to Offer Seamless Intake and Lead Tracking for Lawdingo Users

Themis Solutions Inc., makers of Clio, the most widely used cloud-based legal practice management platform, today announced an integration with legal services marketplace Lawdingo, streamlining the intake process for clients who submit questions or proposals via Lawdingo.

Small and mid-sized law firms get the benefits of practice management through Clio, managing their practices from intake to invoicing, and the visibility and improved client onboarding that Lawdingo offers. Using Lawdingo, attorneys are able to create a profile, specify which states and legal areas they practice in, and allow potential clients to reach them by offering free consults to requests submitted through the site. This radical approach to choosing an attorney is a hit with both clients and lawyers.

“We think there are no better candidates for our online attorney-client matching service than lawyers who have already made the shift to managing their practice online. With Clio’s Lawdingo integration, Clio members can now grow their practice online too,” said Nikhil Nirmel, Lawdingo founder and CEO.

Law firms can take full advantage of linking Lawdingo directly with Clio to:

  • Utilize the Lawdingo marketplace as a powerful means of lead generation for new clients
  • Link prospective clients or matters directly from Lawdingo to Clio
  • Promote your firm with greater visibility in the number one online legal services marketplace

“Clio and Lawdingo are a natural fit as two innovators in the legal technology sector,” said Jack Newton, Clio co-founder and CEO. “We’re pleased to be able to offer an integration that will promote efficiency for lawyers and clients alike.”