Clio Celebrates a Milestone with Over 1000 Employees Worldwide

Clio celebrates 1000 employee milestone

Clio, the global leader in legal technology, proudly celebrates a significant milestone in its company growth, surpassing 1000 employees worldwide. This achievement underscores Clio’s unwavering dedication to its mission to transform the legal experience for all, expanding its influence on a global scale. The company’s workforce expansion has remained steady throughout a volatile time in the tech industry, increasing by more than 15% in the past year.

Clio’s diverse and talented team includes software developers, legal experts, machine learning engineers, and more situated across the globe, but primarily in hubs in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Dublin, and Sydney. In 2024, this growth will continue with the addition of over 100 new roles across departments. 

Real growth happens here

Clio plans on further expanding its workforce with the addition of more than 100 roles in the next quarter. These roles span every department from engineering to sales, customer success to product design, and more. Most roles are available as flexible hybrid, with some exceptions. Local roles in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, or Dublin, and remote positions offer the opportunity for employees to come together for intentional connection. This includes the company’s annual all-company Team Day event, team onsites, and weekly “anchor days” hosted at office locations. 

A highly engaged workforce

Clio is celebrated for its culture that emphasizes human connection and peak performance, ensuring that each team member is empowered to excel. The company is committed to providing world-class resources and mentorship programs that support employees in achieving their personal and professional goals, with the added benefit of flexibility in how these goals are pursued. This dedication to employee support and development is evident in the exceptionally high engagement levels reported, and as documented below: 

  • A significant 90% of team members acknowledge that their managers genuinely care about their well-being, highlighting the supportive environment Clio has established. This focus on managerial support greatly enhances the team’s overall experience, illustrating the critical role of direct leadership in fostering employee satisfaction.
  • Additionally, confidence in Clio’s future direction is strong, with 90% of employees expressing belief in the company’s strategic plans for the forthcoming years. This positive outlook is further supported by a 94% satisfaction rate with Clio’s hybrid working model, indicating a strong appreciation for the flexibility and balance it offers.

These metrics place a significant spotlight on the strength of Clio’s culture and leadership, showcasing a thriving organization where employees feel valued, supported, and optimistic about the future.

Award winning employer

Clio has garnered attention for its award-winning workplace culture and exceptional management. Consistently awarded a top employer, Clio stands out for its unwavering commitment to employee wellbeing, with a focus on supporting family life, promoting mental wellness, and embracing the Distributed by Design workplace model. These initiatives exemplify Clio’s thoughtful approach to meeting the diverse needs of its workforce. 

Global presence

With office hubs in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Dublin, and recently Sydney, Clio has cemented its position as a global leader in the legaltech space. The company’s global reach extends to customers in more than 100 countries, recognized by 90+ law societies and bar associations from around the world. 

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