Clio Unveils Clio Duo: Empowering Legal Professionals with Data Driven Innovation

Artificial Intelligence defines the next era of Clio’s legal operating system, beginning with its built-in AI assistant, Clio Duo

Clio Duo, a dynamic AI-powered partner for legal professionals, will be available to legal professionals in 2024


 Clio, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based legal technology, today unveiled its vision to bring generative AI functionality directly to its legal operating system with the introduction of Clio Duo. Clio Duo is a proprietary generative AI legal technology that will be natively built into all of Clio’s offerings, beginning with Clio Manage. It is designed to be a dynamic AI-powered partner for legal professionals—always available to help make the most of their working day. 

Clio Duo will serve as a coach, intuitive collaborator, and expert consultant to legal professionals, deeply attuned to the intricate facets of running a law firm. It will enable Clio customers to unlock the potential of their own data, helping them to become even more effective business owners, and drive better outcomes for their clients. 

In the first generation of Clio Duo, legal professionals can benefit from: 

  • Personalized recommendations to help prioritize efforts for maximum task completion and work efficiency
  • Reminder prompts for pending bill approvals and overdue tasks
  • Bill generation based on activities related to a specific client
  • Document summarization and generation of simple documents
  • Matter overviews for improved client communications
  • Conversations with Duo to gain insights on the firm’s business performance, or to better understand Clio’s product capabilities

The legal industry stands at a pivotal moment with data analytics, machine learning, and breakthrough developments in generative AI that are redefining how legal work is conducted. Along with generative capabilities across a wide spectrum of tasks, Clio Duo will help legal professionals connect the dots across their business and extract meaningful, actionable insights. 

“Generative AI defines a new era for Clio’s growth journey, and is empowering us to usher in a new wave of innovation to Clio’s industry-leading platform” said Jack Newton, CEO and Founder of Clio. “It also represents a significant stride for legal professionals eager to leverage these capabilities, and enhance their law firm operations with a partner they trust. As we integrate AI into the operational processes of law firm management, we anticipate it will rapidly become a crucial necessity for lawyers to stay competitive in a data-centric world. We are committed to providing our customers with this cutting edge technology to fuel their law firm, while upholding our principles of responsible data stewardship and transparency at every step.”

This is the company’s first step into generative AI offerings for customers, in a years-long transformative journey that will change how legal professionals value their time and effort towards a wide array of legal tasks. Clio is building a suite of AI-powered products to help its customers be more productive and deliver better experiences to their clients. In the coming years, Clio plans to offer these products platform-wide.

Clio Duo will be built on the robust foundation of Clio’s proprietary AI technology and platform-wide principle of protecting sensitive legal data. It adheres to the highest security, compliance, and privacy standards held throughout Clio’s entire operating system. When available to the market, Clio Duo’s audit log functionality will offer tracking of all AI activity to be logged and discoverable—a foundational aspect of responsible and sustainable legal AI practice that Clio is spearheading.

“The future of AI powered solutions start with privacy and security at their core,” said Jonathan Watson, Chief Technology Officer at Clio. “We are confident that with responsible data privacy guardrails in place, AI will transform every aspect of how lawyers run their practice and deliver services to their clients. Clio Duo is our first step in that exciting journey.”

Clio Duo will be available to legal professionals in 2024.