Five New Companies Join Clio’s Integration Ecosystem

World’s leading legal practice management software now integrates with over 50 solutions

CHICAGO, Illinois — March 16, 2017 — Clio today announced five new integration partners at the 2017 ABA TECHSHOW, further cementing their status as the hub anchoring the modern law firm’s technology stack. The new integration partners add an impressive array of features and functionality to Clio’s already robust legal practice management software, and highlight the leading edge of innovation in legal technology:

  • Apptoto, an automated scheduling and reminder platform;
  • NextChapter, an intake and filing solution focused on bankruptcy clients;
  • Legalist, a data-driven litigation financing provider backed by Y Combinator and the Thiel Foundation;
  • Clause, an IoT ‘smart contract’ provider;
  • LawLytics, a website building, content publishing, and marketing automation startup serving the legal industry.

“Over the past nine years, we’ve focused on partnering with forward-thinking solution providers that complement the capabilities of Clio,” said Jack Newton, Clio Co-founder and CEO. “Our rapidly expanding integration marketplace gives our customers early access to transformative solutions that enable them to scale their firms, harness new efficiencies, and better serve their clients in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We’re thrilled to partner with these five extremely innovative companies and offer integrations that will fundamentally impact the legal marketplace.”

Two partners in particular represent the innovation in the legal sphere. Clause uses IoT-enabled devices, such as GPS-enabled delivery trucks, to monitor supply-related agreements and report on contract breach conditions in real time. The contract, upon completion, will reconcile automatically with Clio’s matter management and document storage tools.

“The Clause integration enables Smart Clauses to be added to legal contracts that give real-time visibility into the state of obligations and/or automate certain aspects of contractual performance and administration,” said Peter Hunn, Clause Founder and CEO. “We are excited to provide Clio users with data-driven real-time functionality and exposure to distributed ledger technology for the very first time in a contracting product. This marks the start of a paradigm shift in the way that contracts are conceptualized and managed, and we are excited to be able to debut this functionality with Clio’s growing user base and market-leading practice management software.”

Legalist brings a new twist to the world of third-party litigation financing, taking a data-driven approach to improving access to justice in the realm of litigation. By using a proprietary algorithm, Legalist calculates the odds of litigant success, then funds the litigation claim directly rather than through a broker, avoiding additional charges. Using the Clio integration, litigation attorneys will be able to apply for financing on matters directly using the information stored in their Clio account.

“Litigation is expensive. With Clio and Legalist’s integration, financing litigation has never been easier. One-click access to Legalist allows Clio lawyers to focus on litigating instead,” said Eva Shang, Legalist’s Co-founder.

As Clio’s platform extends, integration partners will enable law firms to free themselves from inefficient, siloed solutions that eat up billable hours and impact the bottom line with a united approach.

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