aiLegal is a powerful cloud-based SaaS contract automation platform. It simplifies contract management anytime, anywhere. With Clio+aiLegal integration, law firms can easily build templates and workflows, instantly create error-free contracts and documents, run automation from approval, e-sign, e-pay to storage, and monitor end-to-end automation to identify and handle process issues.

Key Features

  • Automate Contracts and Documents Seamlessly
    • Initiate document automation for selected matters in Clio.
    • Automate documents from generation, approval, e-sign, e-pay, search and track, and storage.
    • Return generated documents, signed and unsigned, automatically to Clio under selected matters.

    Build Best Practices into Templates and Workflows
    • Build templates for error-free contracts and documents.
    • Build workflows for automation.
    • Deploy templates and workflows to scale automation instantly.
    • No coding skills needed.

    Monitor End-to-end Automation
    • Gain visibility of automation processes.
    • Identify and handle resource bottlenecks, and process issues.

    Collaborate Effortlessly Anytime, Anywhere.
    • Share generated contracts and documents for editing and approval in team.
    • Take actions of “Edit”, “delete”, “resend”, “void”, “complete offline”, and “copy as a new event” on generated contracts and documents.
    • Add notes and reminders on generated contracts and documents.
    • Text a link to collect instant payments from clients.