Alt Legal

A different kind of IP docketing software
Available in Australia, Europe, the United States
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Starting at $50 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Automated Docketing

    Alt Legal analyzes global IP office data to programmatically update matters and calculate deadlines and reduce the risk of human error. Our docketing software automatically reminds responsible parties of all upcoming docketing deadlines via emails and calendar integrations.
  • Easy Custom Reporting

    We offer one-click creation of customized reporting emails and letters for internal communications and client communications. You can also instantly create reports as charts or lists on-screen and download reports in PDF and Microsoft Excel to share with clients. Your reports can also be saved and regenerated with new information with just a click.
  • §2(d) Trademark Watch

    Alt Legal’s §2(d) Trademark Watch is a cost-effective, alternative approach to trademark monitoring. It works by monitoring all of the marks in your docket and notifying you whenever any of your marks are cited in an office action, refusing the applied-for mark based on §2(d) likelihood of confusion with your client’s mark. Alt Legal’s §2(d) Trademark Watch provides you with useful intelligence of potential infringement pre-publication so you can take immediate action and develop an opposition strategy.

How Alt Legal works with Clio

  • Alt Legal integrates seamlessly with Clio to help you stay organized and work more efficiently. Alt Legal sends every date in your docket to your Clio calendar, allowing you to track these important dates and deadlines in one place. We sync your Alt Legal docket and Clio calendar daily to ensure everything is up-to-date and accurate. Additionally, Alt Legal imports any matter number you have in Clio, allowing you to associate that matter number with specific docketed items in Alt Legal. Also, Alt Legal imports any contacts you have in Clio, making it easy to locate up-to-date contact information in Alt Legal and facilitating client communication about their important IP matters.

    The seamless integration between Alt Legal and Clio allows you to work more efficiently, reducing double data-entry and other non-legal, non-billable work. You’ll have up-to-date, accurate, and reliable information right at your fingertips, no matter which system you are working in.

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