Alt Legal

Alt Legal is a different kind of IP docketing software company. Developed by attorneys and IP paralegals, our award-winning software is trusted by Am Law firms, leading IP boutiques, and Fortune 100 corporations to handle hundreds of thousands of filings daily. Our cloud-based tools automatically update statuses and deadlines, collect client details, and generate new IP filings. Simply, our service, automation, and ease-of-use are like nothing else on the market.

Key Features

  • Getting Started

    Our team makes it easy for you to get started. We migrate data at no charge. Our standard process for migrating data is to generate reports and exports from your current docketing systems. We then provide an Excel report for your review and confirm that the data is correctly mapped to the right fields. We also provide training through private online webinars and offer support through live chat, phone, and email at no additional charge.


    Our docketing software is automated and intuitive. Our software connects to global IP offices to detect and update your filings and deadlines using our attorney-developed rules. Our tools automatically retrieve and update USPTO trademark filings and deadlines and instantly calculate deadlines for most international trademarks, USPTO patents, and TTAB proceedings. Other matters and deadlines can be docketed as well. Custom reminders are automatically created and removed based on docketing events and updates.


    We send automatic daily emails to members of your team with upcoming deadlines, reminders, and status changes. These emails can be customized and will automatically send notifications to responsible parties. We also offer one-click creation of customized reporting emails and letters for internal communications and client communications. You can also instantly create reports as charts or lists on-screen and download reports in PDF and Microsoft Excel to share with clients. Your reports can also be saved and regenerated with new information with just a click.

    Shared Access

    We offer a limited-access branded portal for clients or colleagues to access docketed records at no additional charge. You may grant or revoke access at any time. If you provide a client or colleague an account, they have limited access to their matters. They can create reports based on the matters shared with them, export data to Excel or PDF, and annotate records.


    Our integration with the USPTO allows us to automatically detect newly filed trademarks and keep your existing docket up-to-date. We automatically update statuses and deadlines without any manual effort. You can edit or annotate your docketed records with additional information, notes, and deadlines or dates. All of your deadlines and tasks, both statutory and internal dates, may be exported to firm management software or external calendars such as Apple Calendar, Google, Outlook or Clio.

    Smart Forms

    Our upcoming secure, branded interface allows you to send colleagues and clients patent and trademark intake forms to collect information and prepare new IP filings. Our unique USPTO TEAS integration will complete new trademark filings using information stored in our intake forms with just a few clicks. Clients can also optionally be allowed to initiate new filings from their portal.

    Third-Party Integrations

    Our software integrates with Clio’s practice management software and Wolters Kluwer’s Trademark Navigator and Kluwer IP Law's Manual of Industrial Property. We will be offering integrations with annuities providers in 2019.

    Technical Specifications

    Our IP software is cloud-based software. There are no specific system requirements other than a modern web browser (we recommend Google Chrome). We operate our software and store client data on Microsoft’s Azure platform. We communicate internally and with your browser only via HTTPS with bank-grade encryption. We do not allow non-secure communication and redirect non-secure requests to a secure protocol. User credentials are hashed per industry-wide best practices. We also encrypt all files related to your matters in transit and can provide encryption at rest as well.