Answering Legal

24/7 virtual receptionists and legal intake experts
Available in the United States
Starting at $195.50 per month USD
Clio users receive a $300 one-time credit towards service! Learn More

Key benefits for your firm

  • Never miss a new client

    You’ll never miss another call. Our receptionists are available 24/7/365 to handle every call that comes into your firm.
  • Enhance your clients’ experience

    Clients hate voicemail. Live virtual receptionists and detailed message-taking will make your clients feel like the center of your firm.
  • Simplify your legal intake process

    Our receptionists perform custom legal intakes. We’ll push the information gathered to Clio so it’s all in one place.

How Answering Legal works with Clio

  • Integrates with Clio Grow to put all your new clients in one place

    Every new client message taken by an Answering Legal receptionist will immediately be available in your Leads inbox so you can easily add new leads to your pipeline.

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