Back Office Betties

Legal-Specialized Virtual Receptionists. True extensions of your law firm.
Available in the United States
Starting at $349 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Legal Specialized, Superior Service

    Legal-specialized receptionists go above and beyond meeting your specific needs, capturing qualified leads, screening solicitors, and representing your law firm in the best light possible. Your callers think they are sitting at your front desk!
  • Custom Call Handling, Transparent Pricing

    Custom-developed call handling processes set your firm up for success. (Everything a law firm needs, just the way you want it.) Monthly and pre-paid plan options with call time that is charged by the minute – and never rounded up!
  • Leads Captured, Deals Closed

    Consultations scheduled, payments processed, deals sealed. Sales-trained legal receptionists know exactly how to help your law firm land more clients and overcome objections.

How Back Office Betties works with Clio

  • Every new qualified lead is automatically delivered right into your Clio Grow inbox!
    Custom intake questions and case notes are attached to each new lead.
    Lead screening, lead capturing, and receiving new client intakes has never been easier.
    Clio Grow + Back Office Betties guarantees no leads fall through the cracks.

Ready to improve your workflow with Back Office Betties and Clio Get Started

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