Back Office Betties

Virtual Receptionist and Paralegal Assistant services designed for law firms
Available in the United States
Starting at $349 per month USD
$150 off the first month of service. Learn More

Key benefits for your firm

  • We speak legalese to provide superior service

    Grow your law firm with Virtual Legal Receptionists and Assistants who become a true extension of your business. Our behind-the-scenes superheroes are experts at WOW-ing your callers, completing client intakes, and managing administrative work – so you can practice law.
  • Custom solutions with transparent pricing

    Your firm, your way. Custom-developed call handling sets up your firm for success. We'll also never nickle and dime you on minutes by rounding up, like many other call services. We'll help you find the best monthly or pre-paid plan for your firm's usage.
  • Say goodbye to admin tasks and hello to more billable hours

    Imagine getting back 40 hours of your precious time every month, experiencing 90 sweet, silent minutes of uninterrupted casework, or even taking a relaxing lunch break instead of scarfing down food at your desk. Our Virtual Assistant services are a lifeline for small to midsize law firms looking to break free from the chains of admin hell.

How Back Office Betties works with Clio

  • Every new qualified lead is automatically delivered right into your Clio Grow inbox!

    Custom intake questions and case notes are attached to each new lead.
    Lead screening, lead capturing, and receiving new client intakes has never been easier.
    Clio Grow + Back Office Betties guarantees no leads fall through the cracks.

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