BillerAssist LEDES Edition

BillerAssist LEDES Edition uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to increase law firm revenues. BillerAssist LEDES Edition‘s patent-pending and award-winning technology substantially reduces time spent on both legal billing entry and review, by providing various automation features, real-time notifications, and easy integration with Clio Manage.

Key Features

  • • Clio Integration Bar allows users to easily toggle back and forth with Clio Manage
    • Prevents non-billable work with real-time notifications to all timekeepers
    • Increases your firm’s realization and collection rates, while decreasing write-offs
    • Maximizes income without raising hourly rates
    • Automatically alerts for violations of internal or client-mandated billing rules
    • Automatically applies UTBMS/LEDES codes
    • Learns from your own billing records, and from your changes
    • With our patent-pending AI machine learning systems, BillerAssist LEDES Edition gets smarter the more you use it!