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Available in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Access your case files from anywhere

    Legal professionals can manage their case files from anywhere, and on any device, making it easier to work on the go.
  • Protect your documents

    With multiple layers of encryption and access controls, Box keeps your firm compliant and minimizes risk of data loss.
  • Make collaboration easy

    Box simplifies how your firm works with documents. Collaborate with your team, clients, and co-counsel from one place, with everything synced to Clio.

How Box works with Clio

  • Seamless document manage with Box and Clio

    Manage your case files how you prefer with a constant sync between Clio and Box. Box’s secure, cloud-based document management balances ease-of-use with a high level of security.
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Helpful resources

  • Getting Started

    For help getting started with Box and Clio, please visit the help articles.