Casetext’s smarter legal research platform helps attorneys find better results, in less time, for less money. With Casetext’s CARA A.I. technology, you can use a brief or complaint from one of your matters in Clio to find highly relevant, tailored search results.

Key Features

  • In one click, you can start research tailored to your litigation by sending a document from Clio to Casetext’s artificial intelligence search, CARA A.I.

    • Find on-point cases in seconds: Start your research with a complaint or brief to find authorities on the same facts and legal issues, in the same jurisdiction. Use CARA A.I. on your own drafts to improve your research, or use it on opposing counsel's briefs to find the cases they're omitting or missing.

    • Cite-check a brief and automatically create a binder: See all the authorities cited in a document, along with a summary of the holding and flags to show if it is bad law. Easily download as a PDF or print all of the cited cases.

    • Save your research in Clio: Save PDFs of the authorities you’ve found through your research on Casetext to your matter in Clio.