Chrometa Passive Time Tracking

Get paid for every minute of your work
Available in Europe, the United States
Starting at $19 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Accurate time tracking

    Chrometa's passive time tracker launches automatically when you start your computer, records the time you spend on any document, email, website or any other app, online and offline. No timers required. Additionally, Chrometa automatically takes a screenshot for each document you worked on.
  • Accurate time allocation

    Using AI-enhanced algorithms, Chrometa allocates the collected time entries to the correct Clio client and matter.
  • Seamless integration for your entire firm

    Once connected to Clio, clients, matters and activities are kept in sync for your account and all other team members

How Chrometa Passive Time Tracking works with Clio

  • After you connect Chrometa to Clio, Clio sends the list of clients and matters and any updates or new data to Chrometa. Chrometa then allocates the time entries to the matter and creates time activities in Clio.

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