Chrometa Time Tracker

Chrometa passively captures your work on the computer – Documents, emails, calls, and web browsing. You don’t need timers or stopwatches. It allocates the time to your Clio matters, time categories, and law firm employees. With just one click, you send your timesheets to Clio.

Key Features

  • Accurate, Passive Timekeeping
    • Sitting in the background of your PC or Mac, Chrometa accurately captures your activity without disrupting you.
    • Documents (MS Office, OpenOffice, PDFs...), Emails, Phone calls, and Text Messages are automatically recorded by Chrometa

    Automatic Time Allocation
    • Chrometa automatically allocates time entries to Clio matter and time categories, using the document name, matter ID, email addresses...

    Solo or Firm timekeeping
    • A single user in Chrometa can review and send the timesheets to Clio for the entire firm, using a Team account. Exporting time to Clio can be manual or scheduled to run on a regular basis, for e.g., every Friday at 5 pm.

    Flexible Timesheets
    • All data can be reviewed, edited before sending to Clio

    Powerful Reporting Features
    • You can run reports to see where you're spending your time.

    Sync Your Time Entries to Clio
    • Your time entries and invoices will automatically sync with Clio