Corvum Texting

Text clients from your firm’s number
Clio certified app badge.
Available in Canada, the United States
Starting at $7.95 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Track what was said, and when

    All message contents are automatically documented in Clio, and organized in threads. Corvum Texting is highly automated, and offers you control over specific features: you can set the default matter per contact, set billable status, and specify a time calculation.
  • Text-enable your existing numbers

    Send and receive SMS and MMS text messages, using your existing business number, in the Corvum web and mobile apps. Not only can you pick which phone number to be displayed, but you can also share numbers with other team members.
  • Syncs to your Clio contacts

    Clean contact management. Corvum imports your Clio contacts, and will automatically update whenever changes are made. Corvum matches the number with your Clio contacts list and correctly presents them in your communications entry. Try it yourself with a free 14-day trial!

How Corvum Texting works with Clio

  • Calls and text messages synced with Clio Manage

    Maintaining healthy client boundaries is hard if clients can text you on your personal number at any time, and expect a quick response.
    Legal professionals deserve a tool that lets you be reachable but also protects your personal time.
    Corvum’s advanced Clio integration takes a few clicks to set up and automatically stores your texts in Clio Manage. Corvum removes the need to manually keep track of your text messages or constantly update postings in ‘Clio Communications’.
    Your work-life balance is hard to protect. The tools you use should make it easier, not harder. Stop being held back by using the wrong tool to text with clients. Take control over your client communications, reclaim your personal time, and ensure you’re billing appropriately.
    Make your clients happy, and team members grateful, by starting a free trial with Corvum today!

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