Corvum Texting

Lawyers and their teams work long hours. Finding a healthy work–life balance is hard when clients can text you on your personal number at any hour.

At the same time, clients expect responsiveness – and texting is a great way for them to keep in touch. Lawyers deserve a tool that lets you be reachable, but also protects your personal time.

Corvum provides specialized communications tools for the legal industry. Corvum Texting lets you and your team engage your clients using their preferred tools, while maintaining control over how the tools are used — and documenting everything in Clio.

Corvum’s texting service automatically stores your texts in Clio Manage in an advanced way, while letting you control how the automation functions. Corvum removes the need to manually keep track of your text messages or constantly update postings in ‘Clio Communications’.

Your work–life balance is hard to protect. The tools you use should make it easier, not harder. Stop being held back by using the wrong tool to text clients with. Take control over your client communications, reclaim your personal time, and ensure you’re billing appropriately.

Your firm’s existing business phone number can easily be text-enabled, without making any changes to your existing phone service. Corvum Texting keeps communications simple by using the same phone number for both calls and texts.

Make your clients happy, and team members grateful, by starting a free trial with Corvum today!

Key Features

  • Privacy and Security - Never give out your personal number again - inbound and outbound texts go through your Corvum number.

    Efficiency and Automation - Automate posting your text messages to clio or download them as CSV/excel files.

    Intuitive Design - Easy to use desktop web interface and mobile app that allows you to learn it quickly.

    Accessible - Browser based cloud technology means there is no need to download any software and it all can be used off any desktop with internet access.

    Communication Control - Help improve your work life balance by separating your work texts from your personal texts with a designated work text inbox.