The Clio-CourtDrive integration will save you tons of time by automatically downloading, renaming, and saving your court pleadings to the correct documents tab for each client / matter in Clio.

CourtDrive provides a single cloud based system for PACER, ECF notices, third party integrations, calendaring and other filings workflow management needs. Reduce you PACER expense significantly, save time by automating numerous ECF related tasks, research federal court records, and increase overall efficiency.

Key Features

  • Instant PACER Retrieval
    No need to use the website anymore! CourtDrive seamlessly integrates your ECF data with PACER to provide you a complete solution in one place. Search cases nationwide or just a specific court for up to the minute filings. You also have complete access to ALL of PACER’s queries for every case. CourtDrive's suite of tools helps you reduce your PACER expense by over 70%.

  • Full Text PDF Search
    With keyword searching, you can sift through millions of records in seconds by combining keywords with logical operators and filters. Every PDF in our system, from PACER and ECF, is transformed into searchable text so you can find anything. Quickly find samples, research issues, and set alerts.

  • Calendaring Made Easy
    CourtDrive provides powerful calendaring tools, capturing dates from your ECF notices and any PACER docket, allowing you to have all your case hearings added to Google Calendar or Outlook. You can manually add dates with a couple of clicks or use our API for more automation.