DCS – Revolutionizing Estate Management

Directive Communication Systems (DCS) delivers a powerful solution to estate professionals and personal representatives to properly manage digital assets and their directives to ensure that all final wishes are recorded and executed. Without using passwords or knowing the content of the accounts, DCS complies with RUFADAA, privacy laws, and site owner TOSA. DCS not only helps you in effective planning, but partners with the estate during administration by carrying out the notifications to custodians.

Digital assets and online accounts are creating new and complex challenges that are changing the way estate plans are managed.
• Establishing a broad Digital Executor through provisions isn’t enough.
• Leaving a list of passwords does not work! With ever-changing passwords, biometrics, and two-factor authentication, that list of passwords becomes obsolete quickly and can create bigger problems, leaving estates incomplete and unsettled. In addition, password sharing violates federal and state laws and site owner Terms of Service Agreements (TOSA). Violating these laws and agreements can result in severe consequences.


Key Features

  • DCS takes away the daunting task of shutting down accounts. To estate planners, DCS can potentially reduce costly estate administration delays. To survivors, DCS provides emotional relief in not having the burden of closing or transitioning a loved one’s accounts. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from helping to avoid ID fraud, which victimizes over two million deceased individuals annually.

    DCS is designed to fit seamlessly into the estate planning process. The needs of individuals, their loved ones, and the estate planning practice have been carefully considered to maximize both usability and security. DCS requires no account passwords, minimizing ID theft, and fraud potential. Incorporate DCS into your clients estate plan today to save headaches tomorrow.

    With the DCS-Clio integration you can:
    • Import your client personal data from Clio directly into DCS, simplifying the task of adding client accounts to your DCS profile
    • Provide emotional relief for your client’s loved ones at their most vulnerable time
    • Protect trusts and estates from hidden and lost accounts which can result in undistributed assets and property
    • Comply with RUFADAA, ECPA, federal/state legislation and site owner TOSAs
    • Combine digital and offline assets into one organized collection
    • And so much more…