Streamline your Estate Planning Practice
Available in Canada, the United States
Starting at $99 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Intake Automation

    Odds are that on your current EP questionnaire you're asking your clients for information on themselves, their children, and their friends and family. Other intake forms let you capture that information in digital form, but when it's time to do something with it you're stuck having to type over each contact manually in your draft platform and/or Clio. With DecisionVault all contacts with full contact details sync over.
  • Capture Information Over Time & Make it Yours

    DecisionVault is an intake portal rather than an intake form. The difference is that your client can come back in and add more information over time. For instance, after a design meeting they can log back in and add more contact details, asset information and upload more documents. You can easily customize the questionnaire and client experience yourself, adding in questions, instructions, even videos.
  • Asset Intake

    The structured capture of information goes beyond contacts. The portal also has a structured approach to help your clients fill in a financial inventory. On the back-end this list of assets exports to an Excel sheet, eliminating a whole lot of manual copy-pasting work to build funding instructions.

How DecisionVault works with Clio

  • DecisionVault eliminates the repetitive manual data handling work from your practice. It captures the information you need from your clients in a structured way, so you can directly use that information to follow and sync it with your other legal tools – like Clio.

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