Discovery Genie

Key Features

  • Discovery Genie eliminates the burden and expense of manual document production without the prohibitive cost and complication of eDiscovery.
    A lawyer-designed eProduction solution, Discovery Genie seamlessly joins with Clio to help busy litigators master their evidence, simplify document production, automate billing for document production, automatically store evidence in Clio, and reallocate valuable resources to winning your case.

    Avoid last-minute document production scrambles using Discovery Genie’s easy to use drag and drop system that includes a feature that helps the client gather and upload their own litigation documents. And if the client hits a snag, Discovery Genie’s customer support will assist them in gathering and uploading relevant emails, attachments and electronic records so you don’t have to.
    Once Discovery Genie receives your raw production data, we organize the records, convert them to PDF, and analyze their metadata to assist with privilege review. In the review system, you can easily categorize individual documents, emails, and attachments to be produced, privileged, or irrelevant—and flag critical documents, add your notes and analysis, and even combine with legal research to tie the evidence to the law, all while tracking your time for automatic billing through Clio.
    After review in Discovery Genie, the finished documents, privilege log and complete indexes are uploaded directly to the Clio client folder, with a lawyer-tested and intuitive file structure, ready to serve and use in future proceedings. Discovery Genie automatically creates a Clio an expense and a billing activity for the reviewer (and even writes the time description for you), while storing an invoice with the user’s records.

    Combining the best of Discovery Genie with the best of Clio makes document production easier and more cost effective—while helping litigators win their case by increasing their organization, time management, and automation of routine tasks.