Discovery Genie

Simple document review and production software to save time and money in litigation
Available in Canada, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Simplify Document Production

    With Discovery Genie, reviewing and producing emails, attachments, and other electronic documents is easy. Simply upload your documents and review them for privilege and substance. You can also add notes and legal research keeping you organized and efficient. When you're finished reviewing, Discovery Genie generates your Bates-labeled documents, indexed and ready to serve!
  • Integrate Time and Expense Tracking

    Discovery Genie incorporates the Clio timer and automatically creates a Clio expense and a Clio billing activity for the reviewer (and even writes the time description for you), while storing an invoice with your matter.
  • Automatically Save to Clio's Document Library

    After reviewing in Discovery Genie, your finished documents, privilege log, and complete indexes are uploaded directly to the Clio document library for your matter in a lawyer-tested and intuitive file structure, ready to serve and use in future proceedings.

How Discovery Genie works with Clio

  • Start and end your document production in Clio

    Starting with a matter in Clio, you can create a new case in Discovery Genie. From there, it’s easy to upload your discovery documents, review them, track your time, and save your Bates-labeled documents and indexes directly to the relevant document library in Clio. Discovery Genie’s integration with Clio centralizes document production—saving you time and saving your clients money—so you can focus on winning your case and growing your practice.

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