Divorce management platform for clients and all family law professionals.
Available in the United States
Start with a Free case. Then USD$39/month for 5 cases.

Key benefits for your firm

  • Client-centric design helps clients to be better clients!

    An exceptional user experience guides clients to provide all case data and documents. Dramatically streamlines efficiency for case management.
  • Clients can link all financial accounts and customize transactional data for divorce. How much to carry an asset or debt? What is spent on each child? Visually intelligible balance sheet and cash flow that helps clients and team better understand the financial picture.
  • Customize access to each case and team members will have access to all data and documents. Client comments attached to each item while professionals share private notes.

How works with Clio

  • Integrates with Clio Manage so all new client data is synced and bi-directionally updated.

    Automatically creates a new case in to avoid duplication of effort.
    Any new updates to client content in Clio or in will be asynchronously updated.
    View a tutorial here!

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