Edex Mail

With Edex Mail, Clio customers can upload ANY document to be mailed via USPS first class! We offer Proof of Service for no additional cost, along with a simple online sign-up. The best part is that you’ll only be charged per transaction, there is no monthly fee!

Key Features

  • Users can upload any document to be mailed via USPS First Class, Certified, Certified Return Receipt or Priority Mail.
    - Optional proof of service via our patented process
    - Optional self-addressed, stamped envelope inclusion
    - Simple online sign up with no commitment
    - Bill as you go with a stored credit card
    - Unlimited users
    - Black and white logo inclusion in your return address for first class & certified mail
    - Archived documents and delivery verification
    - Multiple office locations available within one account
    - Optional monthly billing available with full suite account and $19.95 monthly fee. A full suite of services also provides access to electronic document filing for California's WCAB, as well as automated case calendaring and discovery.

    Coming Soon: Inclusion of Checks