Epona DMSforLegal and MatterCenter

Epona DMSforLegal provides state-of-the-art Legal document and e-mail management functions on Microsoft Office 365.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Provision Clio Clients and Matters in Epona

    Ensure all matters and clients created in Clio are available in Epona DMSforLegal on M365.
  • Provision Clio Matter Extranet in Microsoft Teams

    Use Epona DMS Clio Site Provisioning to deliver Microsoft Teams based Extranets.
  • Office 365 integration and Advanced Email management

    Use Epona DMSforLegal Outlook integration, Epona Office integration, PDF integration and DMSforTeams to enable Microsoft Teams integration for Clio users.

How Epona DMSforLegal and MatterCenter works with Clio

  • Link your CLIO to Microsoft 365 and Epona DMSforLegal to automatically create Clients and Matters in Microsoft 365.

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