Let’s face it, remote work is here to stay. ESI-Legal’s Cloud Phones for Lawyers is designed specifically for legal professionals to work anywhere, on any device, and connect seamlessly with your Clio contacts and matters.

The ESI-Legal Cloud Phones for Lawyers integration with Clio makes it possible to make calls directly from Clio contact records or matter files. Identify callers before answering, automatically record call timing, take notes, and ESI-Legal CommConnect automatically posts them to the appropriate Clio client or matter. ESI-Legal Cloud Phone for Lawyers systems also includes secure video conferencing and text messaging while protecting personal phone numbers. Incorporate secure on-premises access control into your system to protect staff and clients.

ESI-Legal’s Cloud Phones for Lawyers lets you customize your system to meet your specific needs. For attorneys that use video conferencing, we’ve got the right solution. For admin and staff, we’ve got you covered. Working exclusively remotely, use your smartphone or computer if you prefer. The point is, you’re in control of your system. Gone are the days that you must pay for services you’re not using!

For more than thirty years, ESI has provided telephone systems to law firms, accountants, professional services, and more. With over 350,000 phone systems and more than 3,000,000 phones installed, we truly understand your needs.

That is why ESI-Legal Cloud Phones for Lawyers is the last phone system decision you’ll ever need to make.

Key Features

  • Click-to-Call – Outbound Calling simplified
    •Autodial clients directly from your Contacts in Clio
    Auto-Identify Incoming Calls
    •ESI-Legal Cloud Phones for Lawyers recognizes phone and contact information stored in Clio. When the phone rings, you'll automatically know who is calling, and your Clio contact record pops-up to help you be more prepared.

    Protect Your Personal Phone Number
    •When clients call your direct business number, you can answer using the device of your choosing. When you dial your clients from your smartphone or home phone, they see your business number in their caller ID, not your personal number.

    Call Tracking
    •ESI-Legal Cloud Phones for Lawyers tracks your client calls, so you don't have to. You'll never worry about forgetting to start a timer again.

    Increase Billable Time
    •Automatically capture and record time spent on inbound and outbound calls directly in Clio.

    Take Notes and Automatically Record Them in Clio
    •Seamlessly add notes to a call record, and upon completion, your notes and the call duration are automatically associated with your client/matter in Clio.

    You're in Control
    •ESI -Legal Cloud Phones for Lawyerstracks your client calls, your time, helps keep you organized, and helps you look good to your clients.