EvenUp Law

Turn medical documents and case files into AI-driven demand packages for injury lawyers.
Available in the United States
Starting at $499 flat fee USD
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Save over 5 hours per claim

    EvenUp's team of injury experts use AI to craft demand packages, freeing up time for your case managers and attorneys to focus on case strategy.
  • 50% more affordable

    Expand your caseload without adding to your staff. EvenUp's demands get better with use and more affordable with scale.
  • Settle for more, faster.

    EvenUp's approach achieves 30% higher claims on average and accelerates settlements. Our thorough exposition of injuries and damages leaves less room for low-ball offers, allowing you to resolve cases faster and consistently settle for more.

How EvenUp Law works with Clio

  • Seamlessly integrate EvenUp with Clio in three steps:

    • Navigate to Contacts, and then select Request Draft Demand from the More actions dropdown.
    • Input and verify the main contact person’s/plaintiff’s information.
    • Select all relevant documents you wish to share with EvenUp.

    Once you complete these steps, EvenUp intakes all the relevant documents for your case from Clio. These may include facts of the case, incident reports, medical records, and more. We synthesize this information into a demand package. This package includes a principled request for damages, reinforced with verdicts and computations.

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