AI-Powered Demand Packages for Injury Attorneys by Injury Attorneys/Experts
Available in the United States
Starting at $499 flat fee USD
$99 off first demand! Learn More

Key benefits for your firm

  • Save 5+ hours in legal research

    Save valuable time, focus on advancing your case rather than doing legal research.
  • Get expert-level analysis at a fraction of the cost

    Benefit from expert-level analysis without the expert-level costs. Our reports reduce the need for economists, which can cost $5k+.
  • Resolve cases faster

    Engage in principled discussions around the true value of a case at the outset, enabling faster resolutions.

How EvenUp works with Clio

    • Through Clio, you can request a demand package for your case in seconds in 3 easy steps:
    • On the left-hand navigation bar, go to Contacts > Request Draft Demand
    • Enter the main contact person’s/plaintiff’s information and verify the client details are correct
    • Select all relevant documents you’d like to share with EvenUp
    • Once complete, we intake all the relevant documents for your case from Clio (i.e. facts of the case, incident reports, medical records, and more) and synthesize it into a demand package, which includes a principled request for damages supported with verdicts and computations.
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