Expedite for Clio

Expedite is an on-demand mobile app that instantly connects attorneys and law firms with legal support service professionals they need NOW, Today and in the Future; i.e., court reporters, videographers, interpreters, etc. Utilizing GPS-Smartphone technology, Expedite is a true on-demand app native in both AppleStore/ GooglePlay, along with web-based portal.

Key Features

  • Real-Time & On-Demand

    ∙ Think on-demand ride-sharing apps concept. Utilizing GPS-Smartphone technology, instantly locate, schedule, call and text legal support service providers in the immediate vicinity of the requested location.

    Last-Minute, Today & Future Booking Features

    ∙ Forget to schedule a court reporter and/or videographer for a deposition/hearing? Or an interpreter for a limited-English-proficient witness? Searching for a videoconference tech for an out-of-state expert meeting? Click on the 'Expedite' button and instantly schedule these services with top-rated providers in the immediate vicinity of the requested location.

    Mapping/Call & Text Features

    ∙ Once a Provider has 'accepted' the job request and is en route, follow their progress via Google Maps. Feel free to text/call the provider directly without compromising your mobile number.