Fidu – Client Experience Platform

Ditch the billable hour for good (2021 Clio Launch//Code + Viewer’s Choice Winner)
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Available in the United States
Starting at $99 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Systematize Your Client Journey

    Easily build client experiences that both delight customers and scale your business. From onboarding through closing a client, Fidu provides a single source for your clients to engage with your team. Fidu streamlines your communications, automates your standard operating procedures, and takes action on your behalf to create a collaborative, process-driven, and repeatable client experience across the entire client journey.
  • Productize Your Expertise

    Leverage your knowledge by creating a firm-wide legal content library that easily transforms into simple or complex legal products. And power up your practice by combining your products with the nuances of service delivery (meetings, messaging, forms, and more) to create customizable packages and projects to fit the needs of your clients.
  • Deliver Your Flat-fee and Subscription Legal Services

    Provide continuous value to your clients without you or your legal team working continuous hours. Fidu’s extensive automation, customizable client resource libraries, systematized messaging, powerful forms, generated documents, and more help you and your team focus on delivering value not trading time for money, so you can finally ditch the billable hour for good.

How Fidu – Client Experience Platform works with Clio

  • Keep your team working in Clio Manage, while delivering your client experience with Fidu. With our deep Clio integration, the actions your clients take in Fidu are tracked in Clio Manage – communications are logged, task statuses are updated, and documents are logged. Plus – your team can automate Clio tasks in Fidu without ever leaving Clio.

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