Fidu – Client Experience Platform

Fidu is a platform to help you ditch the billable hour. It’s the client experience platform to build, systematize, and deliver fixed-fee and subscription legal services so your law firms can scale their business while providing continuous value without working continuous hours.

Build legal information, automate contracts, securely message, have clients book meetings, and now, automate your processes with Clio. Add powerful automations to your Clio task lists, so when your team assigns them to client matters, your client can automatically read content, automate contracts, and more. And when the automations run and tasks get completed, the status is reflected in Fidu so your team always stays on top of the project.

Key Features

  • Automated Tasks - with the Clio integration, legal teams are able to leverage the power of Fidu's features and Clio's tasks and tasks list to automate standard operating procedures and internal matter processes. Automate messages, share library items, share a matter-specific page, and more — without your team having to lift a finger (or leave Clio!)
    Streamlined Communications - keep all of your firm communications in once place. Fidu brings together your secure messages and client meetings into one place to reduce friction for your team and your clients.

    Client Dashboard - inside of the Fidu platform, your clients are able to access a customized dashboard that provides them access to their assigned action items and more.
    Client-facing document automation and generation - Include your clients in the legal process by allowing them to create, sign, and store firm-provided documents in a simple, secure manner.

    Client-facing library - Clients can browse articles and common questions related to the documents, matter, or general legal topics - - all controlled by your firm. Create your firm knowledge base once and scale its use by quickly granting access to your legal topics and matter specific information, as needed.

    Sync’d with Clio – Your clients documents will automatically be uploaded to Clio, attached to their Contact, organized by type. Your Clio tasks lists are synced to Fidu so you can turn your lists into a powerhouse automation tool for your firm. And - - your contacts are mapped to Fidu so you can automate your tasks and sync your documents to Clio, with ease.

    Firm-Branded Portal – Add your Firm's branding to the Fidu platform so your clients recognize Fidu as an extension of your law firm. Leverage the power of Fidu as a powerful marketing tool. Keep top of mind with your clients and show prospective clients just how client-centered you are.

    Weekly Live Trainings - Your team can access weekly live demos, trainings, and q&a sessions hosted by the Fidu team.