Fidu – Client Document Portal

Fidu is a modern client-facing document, e-signature, and information portal for law firms to provide to their clients, to create, sign and store standardized documents and agreements. Firms invite their clients – just a few clicks thanks to Clio – to use any document through a private, firm-branded portal.

Key Features

  • ∙ Client-facing document automation - Include your clients in the legal process by allowing them to create, sign, and store firm-provided documents in a simple, secure manner. Clients can also browse articles and common questions related to the documents, all controlled by your firm.

    ∙ Client Insights - Fidu reports back how your clients are using the documents, so you can gain insight into your clients that you’d normally only get from 1-on-1 meetings, which of course doesn’t scale.

    ∙ Sync’d with Clio – Your clients documents will automatically be uploaded to Clio, attached to their Contact, organized by type. It’s a great way to passively see how your clients are using documents.

    ∙ Firm-Branded Portal – Fidu is a powerful marketing tool. Keep top of mind with your clients and show prospective clients just how innovative you are.