Foundation AI

Automatically profile, classify, and route your inbound litigation documents, emails, and correspondence.
Available in the United States
Pricing based on volume

Key benefits for your firm

  • Fully automate your document intake

    Foundation AI unifies all document input sources – from the physical mailroom to your digital mailboxes – profiles each document to the correct matter and integrates directly with Clio to route it to the right folder, attorney, or staff member.  It can even organize and split documents into manageable, searchable files, and attach a PDF copy of the email body to each one.
  • Extract data from incoming documents to automate workflows

    Foundation AI is pre-trained to capture key information from incoming legal documents, such as pleading titles, parties, correspondence senders, treating providers, and important dates. Use this extracted data to calendar events automatically, name documents descriptively, or populate Clio fields.
  • Ensure documents aren’t missed, especially urgent ones

    Foundation AI syncs with Clio to know who to alert when new documents are received. You can configure Foundation AI to alert different members of the team based on the type or urgency of the document. You can even work with our team to create custom document types and workflows based on your firms’ specific needs.

How Foundation AI works with Clio

  • Integrates with Clio Manage to automate all of your document intake and processing

    Foundation AI allows Clio users to automatically profile, classify, and route all of their inbound documents, emails, and attachments to the right matter, people, and place in Clio.

    • It integrates with Clio’s Document Management System as well as third party systems like Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox that work with Clio.
    • Documents processed in Foundation AI are named according to your specific naming conventions and passed directly into the correct matter folders. 
    • Additionally, Foundation AI tags documents to drive Clio workflows for creating tasks, alerts, calendaring events, and more.


  • For general and civil litigation, personal injury, workers’ compensation and insurance defense firms, Foundation AI integrates with Clio Manage to automate all of your document intake and processing.

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