Scheduling and document assembly software built exclusively for law firms
Available in Canada, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Engage Leads More Effectively

    Gideon chatbots qualify leads and route them to the right attorney or staffperson automatically – direct from your website, and without any human intervention. By engaging potential clients immediately, your prospects stay red-hot, and won’t contact another law firm.
  • Turn Leads into Meetings, Instantly

    Gideon is an always-open, digital front door for your law firm. Effortlessly book more client meetings, with our automated calendaring tool. Create customized meeting types. using our unique scheduling workflow.
  • Deliver Legal Documents Faster

    Create dynamic and guided questionnaires that clients enjoy answering – by getting conversational. Instantly generate personalized client documents. Standardize and automate data collection, put an end to manual data entry, and reach new levels of productivity.

How Gideon works with Clio

  • Gideon collects lead data for potential new clients interacting with its chatbot, then creates a new matter in Clio Manage based on that information, when the law firm is ready to convert the lead to a new client. All chat conversations are added as documents in Clio Manage.

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