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Available in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Manage your calendar from anywhere

    Stay on top of your schedule however you prefer by syncing all of your events in Clio to your Google calendar.
  • Never miss a court deadline

    Clio automatically creates events based on rules for hundreds of U.S. courts so you’re prepared for every important deadline.
  • Keep your law firm on the same page

    Share your calendar to increase alignment across your firm without having to manually update team members.

How Google Calendar works with Clio

  • Stay on top of your schedule from anywhere

    Clio’s bi-directional Google Calendar sync keeps your Clio and Google calendars in sync as new events are updated, created, or deleted in either system.


    This integration allows you to consolidate your calendars, view your Clio Calendar from your Google account, and make use of other Google Calendar features.

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