Google Contacts

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Available in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • Record new contact information

    Reduce data entry by entering contact information just once. New client information will automatically sync between Clio and Google Contacts.
  • Access your contacts on the go

    Quickly reference your contacts from Gmail and from any device.
  • Keep your contact list up to date

    Avoid maintaining duplicate contact entries by editing their name, phone number, or email how you prefer.

How Google Contacts works with Clio

  • Manage client information from Google Contacts

    Clio’s Google Contacts sync keeps both Clio and your Google Contacts up to date as new contacts are added or edited in either system.

    You can also integrate your Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail with Clio.

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Helpful resources

  • Getting Started

    For help getting started with Clio and Google Contact, please visit the help articles.