Court e-filing and expense tracking.
Available in Europe, the United States

Key benefits for your firm

  • E-file documents to courts

    Automatically convert documents to PDF to file. Court stamped documents will automatically be returned to the matter.
  • Track filing expenses immediately

    Track and reconcile expenses right away, as filing fees are automatically associated to the matter.
  • Comprehensive search services

    Find and utilize services for reports, records, docket information, compliance and business incorporation.

How InfoTrack works with Clio


    Document management and e-filing

    E-file cases from within Clio Manage and track related documents and expenses in one place.

    • Convert documents to a PDF, and collect e-signatures 
with the DocuSign integration.
    • Court-returned, file-stamped documents sync back to
the matter within Clio Manage.
    • Capture cost recoveries on expense entries in Clio Manage, all filing fees are billed to your clients automatically.
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Helpful resources

  • Getting set up

    There are many helpful articles in the Clio Support Center. If you need detailed instructions on connecting InfoTrack to Clio,
 you may review this article.