Automated court filing and service of process
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Available in the United States
Starting at $ flat fee USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • E-file Clio documents to state courts

    Select documents from your Clio matter or computer and file them to hundreds of the nation’s busiest civil courts. Each document converts to PDF automatically.
  • Track filing expenses instantly

    Filing fees are automatically recorded to the relevant matter in the Activities tab, making it easy to bill 100% of your expenses to the client.
  • Sync court-stamped copies

    As soon as the court stamps your document, a conformed copy downloads to your matter in Clio Manage. No more mixups or hunting through emails.

How InfoTrack works with Clio

  • eFiling and process serving


    By allowing you to file documents directly from your matter, InfoTrack integration further empowers you to:

    – Eliminate expensive and disorganized document storage solutions.
    – Combine with Clio Document Automation for hyper-efficient eFiling workflows.
    – Add nationwide service of process with key information pre-filled.
    – Mark and distribute documents for e-signature with Docusign integration.
    – Access services for reports, records, compliance, and business incorporation.

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Helpful resources

  • Getting set up

    If you need detailed instructions on connecting InfoTrack to Clio, you may visit this site.

  • Security and privacy policy

    We are committed to protecting your privacy.
    View InfoTrack’s privacy policy, terms of service and security policy.

  • Additional support

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