With the integrated InfoTrack eFiling solution, you’ll be filing faster, easier and safer than ever before.

Connect your Clio account to InfoTrack and you’ll be able to eFile into courts with just a few clicks, directly from your matter. Court stamped documents will automatically be returned to the Clio matter, with any filing-related costs automatically captured in real-time against the relevant matter.

InfoTrack also have a broad legal ecosystem for your firm’s search needs. Whether you are looking for USA company reports, records from Federal or Bankruptcy Courts, docket information from Pacer, legal and compliance reports, or looking to incorporate a business, InfoTrack offers comprehensive services, simple reports, and extracts that adhere to your needs.

Key Features

  • ∙ eFiling in many states
    ∙ Automatic conversion of documents to PDF
    ∙ Documents linked to the Clio matter are available to file directly into the court. No more saving documents to your desktop
    ∙ Documents file stamped by the court automatically return to the matter
    ∙ Filing fees are automatically associated to your matter enabling you to track and reconcile expenses at the time of eFiling. No more end-of-month credit card reconciliation headaches