InfoTrack’s eFiling integration allows Clio Manage users to automate key aspects of the court filing process, resulting in faster, error-free litigation.

With this integration installed, law firms enjoy:

  • Fast, seamless eFiling. Select documents directly from your Clio Manage matter and quickly eFile them to state courts.
  • Easier document management. File-stamped documents return to your matter automatically. Optional digital signature integration lets you mark PDFs for signature, distribute them to parties and issue reminders until they are completed.
  • Automatic expensing of filing fees. InfoTrack captures all filing expenses to Clio’s Activities tab. 100% transactional pricing makes it simple to pass costs through to the client.

InfoTrack also provides a broad legal ecosystem for your firm’s search needs. Users can order U.S. company reports, U.S. federal or bankruptcy court records, docket information from PACER, legal and compliance reports, or business incorporation services.

Key Features

  • ∙ eFile documents in California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Texas state courts (more states coming soon!)
    ∙ Automatic conversion to court-acceptable PDF format
    ∙ Choose documents directly from your Clio matter instead of searching through folders
    ∙ File- stamped documents issued by the court automatically return to your Clio matter
    ∙ Filing fees automatically associate to your matter, enabling you to track and reconcile expenses
    ∙ Priced per transaction, so you can easily pass through 100% of your filing costs